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Author Topic: Just a vent about counselors  (Read 1942 times)


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Just a vent about counselors
« on: Mar 06, 2004, 09:38:57 AM »
My husband's counselor--for joint counseling with his daughters--called while we were out the other night and wants to talk to him.  They left their last session on very poor terms, and I am anxious to hear what she wants.  She told my husband that a "different forum" might be better for him, which I kind of hope means we don't have to see her anymore.

We went to this counselor, chosen by BM, just to get things going, and hopefully avoid court. We went with very low expectations.  She has met all of them.  Counselor is now suggesting that he needs 2 more months of counseling sessions before supervised visits start.  She wants so badly for my husband to admit guilt and remorse.  What a joke!!  

Even if my husband actually did what SDs and BM accused him of, they have all admitted that one incidence is the only one in over 11 years since OSD was born.  And somehow that makes him a terrible abuser.  Grrrr....  My husband was so upset about it he couldn't tell me what happened until the next day........


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