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Author Topic: More than I could have hoped for! (Positive)  (Read 1763 times)


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More than I could have hoped for! (Positive)
« on: Apr 11, 2004, 05:17:03 AM »
Hi, Melly again! (MBP - Message Board Pest)

Yesterday went off very well. My boyfriend's "daughter" came over to watch the younger siblings so he and I and his parents could go to dinner. At dinner, my boyfriend told his parents that we intend to get married, and she was overjoyed.

He had gone to a jeweler to inquire about engagement/wedding bands. This particular jeweler happens to be the step-father of his "daughter" (it was a girlfriend's daughter from a previous relationship, but my boyfriend pretty much raised her, so she considers him dad). His daughter was overjoyed!

We got back from dinner, and his oldest daughter sits down with me and tells me how happy she is that we are together, and that she couldn't have picked anyone better for her dad. She was gushing praises at me (I was so embarrased), saying how funny, nice, pretty I am...I had to have been BEET red. Then she said something that floored me.

She said that she considers me another mom, and that she loves me.

I had not considered this aspect before because she's 17, and my boyfriend is not her biodad. I am ashamed that I didn't think it, but now I have THREE soon-to-be step kids!

I'm so darn happy - oh, and she hates the PBFH, too. She would not allow her dad to see her for 2 years! OK, Dad deserves a kick in the butt for allowing that, but what a b*tch!

Happy Easter, all! I included the older daughter in with Easter Baskets this year. Sure, she's 17 and may be considered "too old" for this, but I want her to feel included. And I also made a basket for the dog! :)



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