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Author Topic: Should be trying to prove herself-not doing a very good job  (Read 1801 times)


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I've been reading some of these posts, and trying to figure out how so many of us married men who once loved (or thought they loved) such selfish and mean women. I don't think I'm mean, so if my husband loves me, what in the world did he ever see in this piece of work?

PBFH wanted to have visit with skids today. She is on supervised visitation now, because of her drug addiction. DH told her Tue that she would have to show him a clean drug test from this week, or skids would not go. She had asked the judge if she could do the tests at her clinic instead of through court services because she couldn't afford the ones that she had quit taking before. The judge said fine, as long as she gives dh the results. Don't ask me how the clinic is going to cost less than the $18 it cost for cs to do them.

Dh told her that since it would take at least a couple days to get the results, she would have to take a test on Tue or Wed. She didn't. He was out of town camping w/ss all week and didn't get back until late last night. When he talked to her, she told him that she hadn't taken a test because she wasn't clear on what he wanted. He told her to forget the visit then, and she ended up going to the ER to take a test. DH will not be able to get the results until Monday, but he let the kids go. I'm pretty sure the ER costs more than $18. SD even told dh this morning that it seems like maybe she waited 3 days for a reason. She's pretty bummed out about that.

On the phone last night with dh, bm was b****ing about not being able to talk to the kids on the phone. DH said in court he would allow one phone call per day. I'm beginning to think that was even too much. She said Thurs SD couldn't have a conversation with her because even though I was home, I was MAKING sd watch my 2 younger kids. BULL. Then she said Friday she was not able to talk to sd because I am not giving her the phone messages. She claims she called at 3pm, there was no answer and she left a message. No call is logged from her number on my caller id. There was no voice message. I think she forgot to call, and is trying to blame me. Either she is flat-out lying to make me look bad, or her brain is so fried that she doesn't know what's going on. Probably some of both.


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RE: Should be trying to prove herself-not doing a very good job
« Reply #1 on: Jun 26, 2004, 05:36:24 PM »
I think I am now happy my hubby had a one night stand with a lunatic rather than actually marry her!  

Tulip...you just hang in there...and for the kids' sake, I hope she cleans up her act, appologizes profusely to you on her knees, kisses your feet, and begs your forgiveness for the crap she has put your entire family through.  

I think in your situation, I would pack up and move far, far away.  (With my entire family of course!) LOL...

Hugs, and keep your chin up!


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