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Author Topic: all aoout Circle journeys.. I wanted to share this with all of you out there, if you are hurting...  (Read 1900 times)


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My name is Bonnie K and I live in Mpls, MN..
About a year ago, I used a ton of your resources on this site as I was going thru the thick of things during my divorce, it was challenging, hard, and now, I have reconciled with my 2 daughters, and life is getting better for all of us.. I am a noncustodial mom.. so it's been a long road.

I have since become a National CIRCLE JOURNEY CONNECTIONS REP for http://www.circlejourney.com And I felt I needed to introduce myself, and the products -- to your site.

Surf the website, and see what I mean.
These things work magic in the lives of loved ones, friends, separated children and their parents, big brothers and big sisters organizations, the list is endless.
It's a wonderful concept, and personally, I know how valuable my children feel about the photos and journal pages/album pages I made for them as we were going thru the challenges of a divorce/separation.

I would love to help more hurting families out there.. I would love to be a part of that, truly. These Correspondence kits have made countless differences in the relationships of so many people, just read some of them on the website, http://www.circlejourney.com . There are testimonies and stories on the CIRCLE JOURNEY WEBSITE above.

Here is some more info below.. with my contact information.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

What's the Circle Journey idea?

Circle Journey comes as a complete correspondence kit with a unique twist.

Instead of sending individual letters, two or more people can now exchange a small, carefully designed Circle Journey book with blank pages. By adding notes and mementos page by page as they send it back and forth, the senders create a lasting keepsake - part scrapbook, part journal, and wholly original.

How do I describe it, and who is it for?

Circle Journey is a combination of letter writing, journaling, diary keeping, e-mail, scrapbooking, greeting cards, and pen-pals. Circle Journey books have been shared between friends of all ages, romantic couples, siblings, grandparents and kids, life partners, and family near and far, when someone goes on a trip, is college-bound, gets engaged, revives a friendship, is ill or healing, heads to camp or college, graduates, or falls in love.

The relationships and reasons to share this way of communicating are endless.

All of us have unique relationships; friends, romantic partners, sisters, brothers, parents, kids, grandparents, and more. The Circle Journey Concept works in so many ways. We have created different books for these different relationships. Each book comes with everything you need to easily create a truly unique and spontaneous Circle Journey Book keepsake.

Website: http://www.circlejourney.com ~ read moving stories of people around the world that have shared a Circle Journey with someone they love & care for.~

Contact: Bonnie k

Circle Journey Regional Connection

email: scrapladyb@hotmail.com

~ As an individual or a retail store owner/mgr, OR organization..feel free to contact Bonnie K, as above, with all your questions and current needs. ~

“Life is a journey... travel it well.”
scrapladyb aka Bonnie K in MN


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SPAM ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lets all write to scrapladyb@hotmail.com and let her know how much we appreciate solicitors/spammers.


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