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Author Topic: Got a feeling things are going to be crazy from here on out.  (Read 1838 times)


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This was my DH's weekend to have SS. We had a great time! We went to the State Fair on Saturday, all day. And on Sunday we went swimming most of the day. It was a great weekend!

Then on Sunday PBFH starts calling and demanding that DH bring SS to her home at the end of visitation.

CO says DH is to pick SS up on at BM's home Friday night at 8pm. On Sunday BM is to pick SS up at DH home at 8pm. This was agreed to and signed by the judge in April of this year.

Last Tuesday she recived Dh's certified letter with return reciept that outlined the visitation plan. (we found the letter on this site, the intent to excersize visitation letter) Plus last week she also recieved a letter from her attorney that DH attorney sent to her attorney and it told her that we were following the Temp order and that DH is going to court for physical custody of SS.

(we have had alot of problems getting BM to follow the co. She has denied visitation including fathers day of all days,plus many weekends and holidays, tried to change pick up drop off, tried to change the times, shortened visitation, and false accusations made in court that have been proven false.)

Bm has her mother call and say that if we dont meet them in town "X" that they will call the police. This was on the voicemail. There were several voicemails that we saved even BM demanding we bring SS all the way to her house.

BM showed up  at our home at 10:40pm last night to pick up SS. She had several family members with her. When she knocked on the door she about pounded it down, mind you there are a total of 5 children sleeping inside the house including SS. We got SS up and told him that BM was here. We walked him out (he was awful tired) and Bm started saying, " Oh baby whats the matter?" She said this about 4 times and he kept telling her that he was tired. Dh got a little upset that she seemed to be insenuating that we would harm SS in anyway! He came out and told her that he just woke him up and he was tired. He gave SS a hug and kiss and love you and told SS that we would see him in 2 weeks.

She then told us that our directions suck that we gave her to our house. We gave her the same directions we have given anyone else and noone else has ever complained!

This woman doesnt get the point that she cant change the co at her whim! We are in the midst of a custody case for many reasons all leading to the best interest of SS, and still she dont want to follow the court order! We just dont understand it!

Anybody ever deal with anything like this? Anyone got any advice? Anything would help at this point. We are now expecting some new false accusations, we just arent sure what they will be and how far the courts are gonna let her go with this!

Oh ya and BM didnt bring any police with her when she arrived to pick up SS. But she has stated many times that she fears DH and claims he is a violent criminal. (she has nothing to back up her claim to that so we beat it in court. She tried to get supervised visitation and it didnt work.)


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RE: Got a feeling things are going to be crazy from here on out.
« Reply #1 on: Aug 23, 2004, 06:35:13 PM »
I had to chuckle a little bit here.." Anybody ever deal with anything like this?" Umm yeah, that's why we are mainly here. Sorry I don't mean to sound insensitive to the situation and I rarely post, so here is my 2 cents.

If you are trying to obtain custody follow your court order to the letter.  Do your pick up and let her rant and rave about picking him up.  I have followed your posts.  You have been more than cooperative with her, but that is why there is a CO, so there is no confusion about the rules.  She does not get to decide to or break the order whenever she feels like it. Judges don't tend to like it when you do break them.

Keep a level head.  Let her leave messages.  Let her family leave messages, under no circumstances leave any messages for her back unless it is coordial and about visitaiton arrangements for that weekend.  Nothing tortures a person more than SILENCE.  It will eat her alive not getting a reaction out of you for her antics. Tell her what you like to her face (not infront of child) and chances are she will go home and fume some more and leave ya some more evidence for the court room.

 In the meantime I am sure that your step-son is not sheltered from her going on and on about you both until this is over, so make sure to reinforce that you love him and will do anything to keep him safe.

This is a saying I hold tride and true...give them enough rope they will hang themselves.  Its true, they will, and they always do in the end.  Getting to the end is the sh*tty part.

Be the "friendlier parent".  That is the only way your step son will prevail in all this madness.

Good Luck and keep us posted on what is happening :)


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