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Author Topic: Kitty or others in Med Field qucik question  (Read 1852 times)


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Kitty or others in Med Field qucik question
« on: Jan 07, 2005, 06:59:10 PM »
Dh had back surgery 4 yrs ago.  He was given a VERY limited amount of vicodin for pain.

Today he went back to Dr. because of more problems with his back.

Dr. gave him 120, yes 120! 500 mg vicodins!!

Isn't that a very addicting pain killer? Isnt that why the previous Dr. gave him soo little?


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RE: Kitty or others in Med Field qucik question
« Reply #1 on: Jan 10, 2005, 10:58:49 AM »

I'm an LPN with 20 years in the field.  My last job was working with adults with chemical dependency problems.  I also suffer from herniated discs and other bsack problems.  I deal with chronic pain issues myself.

I can see why you are concerned about the vicodin.  I would be too.  Docs are still perscribing it left and right.  I do not know why this is.  I have had patients become addicted to it in one months time.  It is to be used every six hours and your spouse received the lower dosage.  There i a 750mg strength.  So at least the doc didn't put him on the highest dose first.  Yes, it does happen.

Has your hisband tried any other types of pain managment?  I found some eleif with physical therapy.  If I could get an unltesound machine for home I'd have one!  That worked wonders.   lot of people have found releif with steroid injections into the disc space.  It depends on what the problem is.  From your post I can't tell what kind of problem he has.

I would proceed very cautiously with the vicodin.  If he has any type of addiciton proneness I probably would call the doc and ask for a different pain med.  Not all meds are equally as addiciting as others.  If he does take the vicodin I would only use it very short term and never take more than is perscribed.  People tend to not so much take maor tablets than they should they tend to more often take the doese closer together than they should.  People I have known who have been addicted to it say that it is the relaxation they get from it that they crave.  They say it is just a nice feeling.

Good luck to both of you.  I hope your hubby gets well soon.


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RE: Kitty or others in Med Field qucik question
« Reply #2 on: Jan 10, 2005, 01:40:16 PM »

Very addictive.  You should be concerned.  My husband doesn't perscribe more than 10 at any time.  If the patient wants more, they have to phone him or see him.


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