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Author Topic: Would rather just 'do nothing'  (Read 1851 times)


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Would rather just 'do nothing'
« on: Jun 24, 2005, 08:52:39 PM »
DH has filed for change in custody of yss.  There are several issues involved.  Back in January, we went to court, but ss changed his mind and wanted to stay with bm.  (lots of bribing going on there...oh well...)

BM goes to all IEPs and when ss was in the hospital, she was the most devoted soul - changing bandages even though the nurses were there to do it.  That is the way she is - as long as there is a crowd, she is great...its the times when no one is there to tell her how wonderful she is that things get kicked to the side.  such as bandages - he didnt need them after a few days of being home...interesting...

We cannot afford a lawyer - again.  DH wants this so badly, but I am the one who does the typing for him and handles any business part of it - finding out what he needs to do, etc.  I even made him an appt with a lawyer today just to get information and got all the papers we had together to take with us.

We wound up filing additions today - adjustment in copay of medical bills and a show cause on some violations of the court order.  And I am so nervous - I just feel she is going to do something spiteful due to the show cause.  I cant think of anything dh has done wrong - other than maybe twice taking ss home no more than 30 minutes late....compared to her 2 1/2 hours late bringing him....as she was having dinner with her buddies..

Oh well, just nervous and sometimes - I just want to let things go and not have to worry so much about it...about court...about what is going on with the school, etc......just say, ok - you come on visitations and we will have  good time...and leave everything else to bm, because she tries her best to cut dh out anyway....It is a never ending struggle...


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