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Author Topic: When your own child becomes the enemy  (Read 1781 times)


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When your own child becomes the enemy
« on: Nov 28, 2005, 01:55:50 PM »
If you read the post below, you know that DH is having a lot of trouble with SD. To be honest, it seems as though she is becoming he mom more and more.

DH's bday was last month and SD never called him. Thanksgiving came and went without a call. He did talk to her a couple of days prior to Thanksgiving and she was nice enough to email him her Xmas list. The conversation was really short but the list was pretty long.

I understand that SD is almost 15 and completely self-centered because of that, but I also watched how she reacted with other kids her age. She was by far the most superficial person in the group. She was a one-upper and she lied about everything and anything. I know she is like this because of low self-esteem or maybe she really is increadbly stuck-up. Her mom always has a sense on entitlement, maybe she is picking up on it.

Now DH is being sued for contempt and modification of visitation. He filed for a change in CS because he lost his job and now it seems that BM is kicking him when he is down. SD seems to be siding with what seems to be the winner in this situation. (DH backed down on his Thanksgiving visitation)

DH thinks SD is partially involved in the court case and he is really hurt by it. He thinks she is just using him for gifts and she doesn't even care to talk to him anymore. Yes, yes I know this is what teens do, but the way she does it stinks of her mom.

Basically what I need advice on is how to help DH from feeling demolished every time he talks to his daughter. He now gets the same sick feeling when he talks to her as he does when he talks to his ex. HELP! They were soooo close!



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