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Author Topic: What the Halloween!!!  (Read 2661 times)


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What the Halloween!!!
« on: Oct 30, 2006, 07:24:10 PM »
Ok, I was adament that Halloween wasn't a holiday, and spent around 10,000 in court, personal time, and mediation which we ultimatley surrendered Halloween as a bargaining chip to be put into the Parenting Plan.

BM has had one Halloween so far but it had happened to fall on her regular middle of the week 3 hour visit that year.  This year would again be hers and not on her day so it is from 5-8 since there is school tomorrow.

CANCELLED!!!   She said it wasn't fair for her "other" children to have to ride in the car for an hour TOTAL.  Half hour at pick up and half hour for drop off.  It is no different from any other middle of the week visit she gets!!!!!

I am sooooo pissed right now.  Not that they get to stay with us..more fun for me and them, but that she is just an idiot to just throw them in the trash because it isn't convienient enough for her that day to spend it with them.  I don't know why this irks me so bad.  Can someone tell me WHY?  I am overjoyed they are staying with us.  Halloween is a big event at our house, so that isn't it.  

Thanks for the VENT!!  Grrrrr.  Whats everyone going to be?  

We have

1 ghost
1 cowboy
1 batman
1 jason gory looking guy

Mom is a vampire
Dad is the chauffuer



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RE: What the Halloween!!!
« Reply #1 on: Oct 31, 2006, 07:32:55 AM »
When my x does this, I kill him with kindness. They''ll never let me see it, but I hope the guilt kills them in their own way!

This is my x's night with our child too.. but as usual won't be using it because their new spouse doesn't want to have to drive home in the dark after trick or treating (only 1/2 hour and no other kids invloved!)

I'll take lots of pictures of our child having a great time with friends tonight and will mail or email them tomorrow with a note saying what a great time was had by all, sorry they had to miss out.  

Our child will never know, x will get pictures, and hopefully the guilt will kick in for putting themselves above the child yet again!


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To me, this isn't Halloween
« Reply #2 on: Oct 31, 2006, 10:28:00 AM »
it is Christmas Eve (of sorts.)

Tomorrow is SS's 16th Birthday. WE have EXACTLY 911 DAYS of CS left to pay. I am giddy thinking about it. (Gotta pay until SS is 18 and graduated from HS.)

No costumes here. We choose not to celebrate halloween... although we just may do so in 2008 for other reasons.

A true soldier fights, not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves whats behind him...dear parents, please remember not to continue to fight because you hate your ex, but because you love your children.


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RE: To me, this isn't Halloween
« Reply #3 on: Oct 31, 2006, 01:43:57 PM »
I think DH's ex is thinking the same thing about DH. We flew into her town on Saturday evening and stayed until after court on Monday and quickly flew home. BM left a nasty message becase DH only took SD out to dinner on Sunday evening over the weekend. As soon as she called DH she asked "How long have you been here?" I told him he should have asked her when she woke up. Both have relevance to nothing. When we picked up SD, guess what her first question was? How long have you been here?

My theory is that BM thought DH flew in on Friday evening (why he would do that, I don't know) and told SD that.

Honestly, the stress to SD was not worth more of a visit. Dh thought that a visit the night before court would be too stressful for her (her mom had put he in the middle of eveything). Guess how it ended? SD was crying and BM called Dh yelling at him because SD told her that he said that noone likes her in our family. We probably should have skipped this visit.

She actually ridiculed him for seeing SD for only 3.5 hours. I thought it was probably a good thing due to the stress of the situations. Oh well. Ya can't win....

Anyway, 913 days for us and we are counting down almost every day!

Best of Luck and Happy Halloween


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