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Author Topic: What would you do???  (Read 2592 times)


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What would you do???
« on: Apr 23, 2007, 08:05:20 PM »
bm has recently (sometime during this school year) taken kids out of school and started homeschooling them.  I have issues dh does but doesn't want to make waves. (
bm handed dh a note saying that kids now need summer school and at the same time say's he only gets to see his children 1 week/month and eoweekend(co eoweek during summer).
 I feel that it is just one other way for bm to take away the time that the children spend with their daddy.  where I can see that ss need some extra help sd is doing very well.  

I keep trying not to voice my concerns as yes it is my dh children but it is affecting our entire family.  I do miss dss & dsd very much as do their brother's and sister's.  

every change dh ex makes put me on an emotional roller coaster no matter how much i try not to let it upset me it does as it not only affects dh but the entire family.  It breaks my heart as I try to my sure my children see their father every chance that he will take them as I do know it is important for them... I have been doing this for over 8 years and know I will continue to deal but I have been crying often and dh does not understand.  I love all of our children.

I understand that my dh does not want to upset our other children by causing a stink but I am really tired of taking it in the rear.


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RE: What would you do???
« Reply #1 on: Apr 24, 2007, 04:50:05 AM »
Make waves because children are only young ONCE and a parent needs to be sure they are learning what they are supposed to be learning.

Even as a SM, I made waves.....and I know that EX#3's EX is glad he is now my EX and doesn't have to deal with a "motivated" EX anymore.

I would get totally smart on homeschooling rules and requirements for the county in which the children lived.  And then give Dad the ammunition he needed to correct the situation.  After that it's up to him.

Again though, like you acknowledge, they are DH's children.  So you gotta follow his lead......


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« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2007, 04:05:37 PM »
got off the phone with skids credentialed teacher and while yes ss is a little behind sd is at grade level or better.  She also let me know that the home school system that skids are in does not offer summer school.  I am going to share this info with dh not that it will matter but I am going to keep planting the seeds and continue documenting, so that when the seeds start to sprout we have all the info lined up in rows.  

I did also ask what dss was having difficulty with and what I could do to help enable him to do better and she gave some wonderful idea's.

thanks for listening(reading)


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RE: update
« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2007, 08:38:48 AM »
Interesting that there is NO summer school.  LOL. I have been thru the having X come up with all sorts of htings to take time away in the summer.  Its a real treat.
If I were your X I would be temepted to say that if she's homeschooling and the kid needs summer school perhaps that's an indicator that he needs to got back tot he traditional classroom- but that's me.  I wish I had had a little of the don't make waves attitude.

I am a NCM I also have tow other kids in my home full time.  Tey miss their sibs too.  I understand your heartbreak. My yongest is only four and can't yet grasp the idea thather "sissy' lives in two different homes.  My older kids stopped visitin about six weeks ago and the younger ones are hurt and there isn't anything I can do.


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