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Author Topic: 580 painful days left - Vent  (Read 2428 times)


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580 painful days left - Vent
« on: Sep 27, 2007, 10:05:48 AM »
Damn I can't wait until this is all over. It is sooo disruptive having DH's ex contact him so full of venim.

BM and SD hadn't contacted DH since April. BM and SD moved and gave no address. All DH had to go on was that she was living with BM's friend. He had asked for months. He had asked where SD was going to highschool this year. He had asked about SD's health.  No response.
Last month rolled around and BM sent him an email saying that she needed to be reimbured for SD's meds ASAP and that they were moving again and gave him the address. She also asked that DH chip in to buy 16 yo SD a car. By chip in , she meant for him to pay for it.

He sent an email back saying that he thought she had some nerve asking for $ when he still didn't know where SD went to school and didn't know where they lived. He said SD's grades were bad, attendence was atrocious, she was getting in trouble, and she hasn't been respectful by returning his emails in months. He was not about to change that unless he saw a difference, and because he had no idea what school she was going to and got no information from BM, he could not see contributing at all.

She just wrote him back calling him every name in the book and lying saying that she told him the highschool. She said he f'ed up his relationship with SD and that he didn't really care about her. She was the one that sacrificed and he was nothing to her. She said that he is starting fights because he still wants her (BM) in his life.  She said that he didn't need to know SD's physical address because he had a PO box, not that he sent SD anything there. Funny, last package he sent to SD, BM refused and it ended up coming back to us.

She turned the fact that he pointed out the SD was doing poorly in school etc... as he was attacking SD. She accused him of holding it over her head. Far from it. He was trying to say he knows nothing more then the last status and BM is not helping him know otherwise.

My God! Has the world just turned completely upsidedown? Honestly, if we could go without hearing from BM for another 6 months I would be perfectly happy.  DH tried for years to do the right thing and be involved, only to have BM tell SD that he is trying to snoop into "their" lives. Now he has given-up. Just for now. SD is brainwashed and BM is impossible.

I remember coming to this board for the first time with thousands of days left before SD granduated high school. Now it is only 580 days and I just can't wait.



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RE: 580 painful days left - Vent
« Reply #1 on: Sep 28, 2007, 05:37:28 AM »
sending hugs!!!


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