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Author Topic: New boyfriend?  (Read 8559 times)


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RE: New boyfriend?
« Reply #10 on: Dec 21, 2007, 07:53:20 AM »
My boyfriends ex  went to a lawyer and paid to have a back round check done on me. She at one point tried to claim I had 13 different address (I did not just had po boxes to go with each address and some of that was college living related) anyway she was trying to bring up I was "unstable" because I had no criminal record or history of anything else. Did not fly especally since at that time I had been living in the same house for 8 years. She just ended up looking like a trouble maker. Anyone can go to one of those internet sites like peplefinder or something like that and pay $39.95 and find out a bunch of stuff. You can find out if this person has a criminal record, previous address, if they own property. those are all a matter of public record. For that matter you could yourself go to the court house in the area he lived and find out all these things as well. If he does have a criminal record that would consern me and I'd bring it up but it might not help anything. Just to let you know Nobody would have known that my boyfriends ex did this search if she hadn't opened her mouth about it and I didnt make a big deal about it cause I can't say if the situation was reversed I wouldn't have done the same thing. She didn't know me how was she suppose to know if I was drunk/bank robber/ child beater what ever. I just think she should have let it go when she didn't find anything not make a big deal out of how many mailing addresses I've had.


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