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Author Topic: A Christmas Story.  (Read 2673 times)

Indigo Mom

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A Christmas Story.
« on: Dec 20, 2003, 07:59:59 AM »
I received this in email and wanted to share.  This story has touched the lives of people from coast to coast in less than 24 hours.  I hope this story touches your heart like it has mine and two people I truly adore.  (and you two KNOW who you are)  It's very long, but please, while reading, allow the words to sink into your heart.

This is the story of a little boy.  A boy who has recently given up on life.  A boy who we all know, but don't really know.  A boy who lost his innocence through neglect and abuse.  A boy, who was saved by a simple act of kindness.  Please, read this and think of your own children...hold them close, they are truly the most important people in your life.  You may think your children are happy and full of joy, but you really never know.

Can you imagine hearing a young child tell you he wants to die?  I can't either, though these words were spoken to me a few days ago by my young child.  When I heard them, my whole world shattered.  How could I go on living while my child doesn't want to.  For many years, I've tried to make his life as easy as I could, but I failed, and a few days ago, I realized just how bad I did.  

With the help of my friends, I was brought out of my own suicidal rage.  Their words to me have altered my life forever, and I will love them as my family for as long as I shall live.

These people taught me that the simple things in life are the best.  Simple acts of kindness go a long way in a young childs life.  They taught me that dishes in the sink do not matter, the laundry basket overflowing is of no importance.  They taught me that my children matter, and that is it.

For two days, I shared my world with my children.  Instead of washing those dishes, we danced around the living room acting like fools.  Instead of vacuuming the floor, we rolled around in the dog hair and dust laughing til we couldn't anymore.  We went Christmas shopping at the thrift store for more "goodies" around the house, making it as beautiful as possible.  We spent our time loving one another rather than concerning ourselves with the silly things like chores.  

My young child smiled, and he laughed, and he had a good time, but underneath all that he still suffered.  I could see in his eyes that I was only helping to mask this pain of his.  He still suffered.  I knew it would take alot more than attention to turn him around.  

Yesterday, after baking and decorating more cookies, I went to check the mail.  In my mailbox was a large white envelope widely known to hold a Christmas card.   The envelope was blank other than my name and that of my husband.  There was no stamp, no return address, nothing to let me know who sent this card.

In my house, I ripped open the envelope, wondering who gave us this card.  When I opened the card, 2 very crisp very new 100 dollar bills fell out.  Of course I was in shock, so I checked the envelope again for any trace of who sent it.  Nothing.

On the back of this beautiful card were these words

Please don't be suspicious or insulted.  Recently I won a fair amount of money.  Instead of squandering it, I decided to randomly pick people to share it with.  Please accept this in the spirit it was given.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

S. Claus

Of course I'm still in shock.  Someone gave a gift from their heart and wanted no recognition, no thanks.  I made a call to my husband then sent emails to friends and family sharing this story.  

I was ecstatic because after the Christmas presents were bought, we didn't have enough left over for groceries, and now we did.

While sharing my story with loved ones, I received emails back from people who were weeping.  I didn't quite understand this.  Yet.

While my youngest child laid on the couch sleeping, I sat at my computer crying.  I read the emails over and over until I understood.  What a beautiful thing this S. Claus did.  It sank in and I was happily crying for the first time in years.  What a beautiful thing it is to cry.  I released years of anger, frustration, and enjoyed it.

While sobbing like a baby, my son asked what was wrong.  I responded that someone very special gave us a Christmas card with $200 in it.  He then asked "who".  I showed my depressed child the card, and his response and look of surprise was burned into my soul.  I will never forget it.

"MOM...he's real!  He's REALLY real!  I KNEW IT!  I knew he was really real!!!  I'm going to believe in him forever!!!!" While screaming these words, his little body was bouncing all over the place.  

My son has been given the gift of innocence.  This gift can't be bought from a store disguised as a present.  This gift came from someones heart.  I thought I was crying before this, but I wasn't.  After hearing my little boy speak these precious words, I sobbed years of sobs.  I released years of unshed tears.  I cried because it was a sunny day.  I cried because my door is broken.  I cried because I had to use the bathroom but couldn't because I was too busy crying. I cried and cried until I was once again unable to cry anymore.

The gift this person gave us is one he'll never know.  He will never understand just how much joy he has spread. He gave my son the gift of innocence and hope.  This gift is priceless.  The money in the card was no longer important.  The true gift was saving my little boys life.

And there is more.  The gift we were given touched families across the country.  I received a phone call from a special friend who was crying as we spoke.  This gift allowed her to walk down memory lane with her own grown son.  This gift allowed another friend to cry and share her own personal Santa story.  She also wants to share this precious gift with her Church, further spreading the joy.  These two people I adore have shared this with their own family, their own friends. This gift woke my parents up.  This gift altered my husbands mind.  This is the gift that will give every Christmas for as long as I walk this earth.  I will never forget it, not because of the money, but because my child is now walking around on air.  There's a bounce to his step, there's a smile on his face.  I wish the gift giver could see, I mean truly see what he has done.  But it won't happen, it can't happen.  I can only share this story with as many people as possible.  

Innocence.  Never underestimate it.  And never underestimate a simple, random act of kindness.  You never know what life you might be saving.

Thank you Santa.  For the gift you have given is more precious than you will ever know.  


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RE: A Christmas Story.
« Reply #1 on: Dec 20, 2003, 09:04:23 AM »
Indy ... you will never know just how deeply this has touched me.  Tears are streaming down my cheeks for that sweet little boy.

Such a precious and wonderful gift.

Yes, S. Claus DOES live ... in the hearts of those who, for whatever reason, choose a simple and random act of kindness.

Don't any of you EVER for one minute not believe in S. Claus - the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas.

Kitty C.

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And we're crying right along with you, Indy...........
« Reply #2 on: Dec 22, 2003, 10:21:30 AM »
I've had VERY few opportunities in my life when I've gotten to shed tears of joy.  But the last one I remember was coming home with DS after his dad had taken off with him back to CA.  DS had been abruptly separated from me and his extended family for over 6 weeks.

But the feeling that came over me when we came down the escalator at the airport, to a sea of people holding signs welcoming us back, to hear DS squeal 'Grandma!' and RACE to her with open arms, nothing can compare to that!

It's SO amazing what those tears feel like!  What an ABSOLUTELY precious gift has been given to you and your son!

And to 'S. Claus':  There is a VERY special place in Heaven waiting for you.  You have a heart of gold and a very special place in all our hearts as well.  May God bless you and yours during this precious season.......  
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RE: A Christmas Story.
« Reply #3 on: Dec 22, 2003, 02:39:12 PM »
Thank you.

Sometimes we all need a little reminding of how powerful a simple act of kindness can be.

I think right now, I did, just because of my own ex and her lack of understanding of human kindness.


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