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Author Topic: how can I put an end to false accusations?  (Read 1073 times)


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how can I put an end to false accusations?
« on: May 13, 2005, 02:58:58 PM »
My storry is quite long but I am gona try to explain here.

A long bitter divorce, .....
My ex has the habbit of filling stupid law suits and defamatory letters after me.
- I am not a US citisen so she wrote to the Imigration and made things up to get me deported.
- She called the pollice several time and asked them to arrest me based on false allegations, when the police came I showed them the order and they dismissed her claims.
- She said that I kidnapped our kid after a trip to europe, ... our judge said there was no contempt and in her findings find her (my ex) to have lied and untruthfull, ....
- Lastly she filed a harasment order so I coul;dn't have contact with her and then call me ask me to come pickup my son (which I didn't till the order was overturned), ....

these are just a few examples. I have her on tape, ... I have the letters she wrote to the INS, ....

I am not interested in filling a defamation suit but I have a few friends that told me to go see the state attorney and ask that he files charges against her for repeated false statement, calling the police for no good reasons, ...

can someone talk to me about this? what can I really ask?
I just want them to charge her with something so she stops making these frivolous claims, ... what can be done ?


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