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Author Topic: Changing a minor mod to a major in mid-stream?  (Read 1153 times)


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Changing a minor mod to a major in mid-stream?
« on: Nov 02, 2006, 05:14:51 PM »
I am Pro Se and Mother is represented by an idiot.
My ex petitioned for a minor modification and it passed show cause.  They made a huge mistake as they had wanted a major modification but checked the box for minor not major and I prevailed on objecting when they motioned that it was clerical error and thus it should be ruled major.
Anyway I do think that a major mod is required and thought possibly I can petition for a major mod even now while we are one month into a two month hold for DV assessment.
So why would I want to do this?  Well I have been discovering for a month now and am certain that I have a strong case for changing the primary parent  from her to me; they want a major but have a minor; they want FCS to evaluate and I want PETP and a professional GAL to do the evaluations; both our "minor" filing are a mess because of the wrong minor/major issue.  
So does anyone see any reason that I could not file all needed for and request show-cause for a major mod while there is a minor in progress and the DV report is due 12-1-06?  (I could file by next monday the 6th.

PS if you can afford it, have a court reporter at your Pro Se hearings -the commissioner will treat the case and you more seriously.



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