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Author Topic: Please, I need your help.  (Read 1713 times)


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Please, I need your help.
« on: Nov 13, 2004, 02:29:57 PM »

I would like to introduce myself to your group. I am an owner of
another group and a PAS website. I am frustrated and was hoping that
I could get some advice from someone not so close to my situation.
I'm afraid that I am losing my objectivity and not thinking very
clearly anymore. I need help.

I have been struggling since August when my friend died in Katy, TX.
Don't worry if you haven't heard about him, it seems that no one
really took much notice of his death. His name was Dr. Rick Lohstroh
and he was shot in the back by his 10 year old son. His son is not a
terrible child, and he was not a molesting, hateful father as his ex-
wife would have you believe. He was a respected physician, a loving
father, and a good friend.

Since his death there has been plenty of media coverage. (skip to the
next paragraph if you don't want to read about the various news
stories) Rick's mother and father were awarded custody of his
children. His ten year old is in juvenille detention awaiting the
murder trial that could get him 48 years in prison. There is a
wrongful death lawsuit that has been filed against the drug company
that made the antidepressant the boy was on and against the boys
mother for allowing him access to her gun. Rick's nanny tried to
claim "common law marriage" status, but dropped the suit when faced
with charges of welfare fraud. All sensational stories ... but none
that deal with the real issue here .. parental alienation syndrome
and Rick's ex-wife.

The boy was severely alienated from his dad. The grandparents were
awarded custody in part based on this emotional abused by the mother.
The crazy antics this woman used during their divorce were scary ...
even to the police and the kids school teachers. This included
allegations of abuse against the father which were proven false, and
murdering animals given to the children by their father in front of
the kids. The mother had an ongoing history of abuse with her current
husband. Mrs. Geisler had issued a restraining order against her new
husband after a fight they had when Matthew wouldn't tell her where
HE HID HER GUNS. This was about 6 weeks before Rick was murdered. On
the day of his murder:

The kids were supposed to be in school --- They weren't.

He asked to meet her half way instead
driving clear out to Katy. She had to
go back to work in Houston and it would
have been more convenient for her --- She refused.

Only the older boy went out to the car --- Why?

The boy had her gun in his backpack --- How?

She is a nurse yet did not help his after
he had been shot and was bleeding to
death in her front yard --- Why?

She told the chool teachers that the boy
had been experiencing debilitating headaches
due to his antidepressants yet did not stop
his medication --- Why not?

Deborah claims she did not hear the initial
gun shots fired in her front yard by a .40
caliber handgun --- Not likely

Deborah reintroduced claims against Rick
of physical and sexual abuse as a reason
that the boy shot him. Rick had been
investigated by two police agencies and
twice by child protective services and
had been totally cleared of these charges.
Both of the boys eventually recanted their
allegations of physical and sexual abuse. --- Hmmmmmm

Deborah went out the day after her son was
arrested and hired an attorney to defend him.
After paying the man she told him their father
had abused them and that was the motive behind
the shooting. When asked about several psychiatrst's
comments about the extreme P.A.S. involved in this
case, he said he didn't believe PAS was an
issue and the mother had no part in his murder. --- Paid Mouthpiece

Why isn't anyone picking up on the fact that Deborah was not only
instrumental, but orchestrated his murder? She turned that boy
against his father. She made him murder Rick. Why isn't she being
held responsible for this??

How do I get the media to persue this aspect of the story?? How do I
draw attention to the severe PAS in this case?? Why isn't that woman
in jail, or at least under investigation? If the judge in Glaveston
County found sufficient proof of PAS to remove the children from her
custody, why hasn't the Harris County D.A. found sufficient proof to
investigate her?

I am frustrated. I feel like all I have been doing for months is
spinning my wheels and getting no where. What now?

Thank you for reading this extremely complicated and long e-mail. If
I wasn't clear or you have questions about anything please visit
http://www.helpstoppas.com or the Yahoo group "Parental Alienation".


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