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Author Topic: I have to Brag!!!!!  (Read 2239 times)


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I have to Brag!!!!!
« on: Jan 21, 2005, 09:15:44 PM »
I got our girls report cards today!!!

My OD(12) in the 6th grade, has always been a very good student, despite that her Father and I divorced, then she went to live with him.

She got moved up to Advanced English this year.  Basically doing 7th grade Language Arts with other 6th graders instead of with all 7th graders.   She should have been moved up in Math as well, but they couldn't accomadate her schedule to be able to move her.

1st 9 wks, her grade pt avg was 3.75   The only B's she got was in her AS Language Arts. ( they have 2 classes of LA and Math.  Usually back to back)

2nd 9 wks, her grades were the same.  Plus she is in STUCO.

(We seperated the summer they started 2nd grade, and then they moved in with him that Spring.)

My YD (9) in the 4th grade, has had her ups and downs.  She has been a basically good student, despite everything also.  Having problems learning to read because Dad wouldn't help with the word packets.  Only reason I know this, is because I was helping out in her class when she was in the 1st grade(before they changed schools) and was getting emails from her teacher asking if I wanted her to push X into getting a tutor for her reading.  

1st 9 wks, she had all A's and B's with a very high C+ in Math.
2nd 9 wks,  all A's and B's!!!!  

I am a very MOM, as you can very well tell.

(I've even got them workbooks to do at home.  OD has a 7th grade English one and an 8th grade math one. She said the 7th grade one was too easy...lol   YD has one to help with her writing skills.  How to make paragraphs, main ideas, etc, as she has problems with that area.  We try to make sure that they do 1 lesson each weekend we have them.  OD has to do 2 b/c she has 2 books....)

I just had to brag at how well our girls are doing in school despite all of the b.s. they have been through


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RE: I have to Brag!!!!!
« Reply #1 on: Jan 22, 2005, 08:01:25 AM »
WHOOOO way to go.

We just got Yss grades, still waiting on Oss's.

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