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Author Topic: RO and visitation question, with medical rights issue all in one!  (Read 1435 times)


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As before ..myDH has an RO against him ( from Thanksgiving time and issued based on lies of course--but we all say that and we're going to get it thrown out.)which states he cannot contact his ex or any of her children from a previous marriage or his own 6 YO son.

She's just sent a note in child's back pack before  our weekend visitation stating that she has arranged an annual check-up and follow-up medical appointment for 6 YO son during DHs usual Wednesday visitiation time.

'She claims that she made a "dual Appointment" for the annual physical for both the 6 YO and her 16 YO daughter from a previous marriage (DH is not allowed to contact his ex, former stepchildren or his own son via phone or mail) EX says it's the only appointment she could get (dual) in January, so if he wants to see his son for his visitation, he can pick him up at 5:30. The court appointed visitation is 3:30-7:30. We're in the midst of some sticky legal battles anyway, so she just does whatever she wants anyway.

Of course we are not allowed contact to counter this via direct communication.

anyway my questions are:

1. Is DH within his rights to bring son to check up as it is during his visitation time?

obviously he'd be playing with fire due to the RO if she shows up.
We've already informed a "go-between" on Saturday that if she takes the son she is violation of the visitation and that my DH can take the son to the Drs Appt. We heard back that, of course, she doesn't like this.

2. If she excludes DH in medical issues when they have joint legal custody can we take legal action?

3. Can she dictate this arrangement of alteration of the visitation? I think it's clear denial and she gave us notice beforehand she will deny the vistation in part--no discussion as usual.

4. my suggestion to DH is to inform her that DH will be taking Son to the check-up during his time and if he isn't available at 3:30 she will be in contempt, and if she shows up at the DRs knowing this, she is forcing a violation of the RO! What do you think of that?

5. Should we just let their lawyers work it out before Wednesday?

 Ours has been less than agressive is stopping these proclamations of hers.

I mean she did set it up so that the step-daughter would be there so that the RO would be violated on a few levels if he were there.

Thanks RF


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