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Author Topic: Here's a novel idea about Father's Rights from a "Wild Turkey" get-together:  (Read 1301 times)

Red Five

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Hey Everyone,

    Some of us got together, from ex-mil to disenfranchised grandfathers and newly screwed over dads (about 20+ of us), and, after the appropriate drinking levels were met, one of our own came up with an idea.

    He started:

        "Okay, the U.N. is in the U.S., right?  Why don't we all go there and get the world to take us to task since our own government won't do s--t for us."

    When asked the logic, he started it off this way (slurring deleted for clarity):

        "Well, seems to me this world court can levy fines, sanctions, so on and so forth, why not have the U.S. hung in a court of it's peers for treating us like slaves.  Then you can present that this mis parenting stuff that results in deficit spending on the screwed up kids is a threat to world security - you can't have a bunch of kids running around in a premissive environment with guns, God Forbid, and that the U.S. social instability is a threat to world peace and we need to get sanctions from the Security Council, so on and so forth, blah, blah, blah - and when we're so damn embarassed by the number of dads turning evidence of the salve system in the country, the world pressure would force America to clean up it's act.  Why? Revenge.  All the countries we've pressured in the past to do our bidding, and now we would be pressured by the world community at large.  Either that, or the U.S submit to U.N. judgement."

     While I understand his bitterness, and the fact he had five Wild Turkeys, too, there just may be an idea here.  What if all the fathers asked the world community for support, right here in this country?

Red Five  
:D :D


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« Reply #1 on: Jul 14, 2004, 08:20:23 PM »
Hi Red five

i have never missed reading a post of yours in all of the years i have been on this site.  

you dont post often but when you do it is usually eye opening and a bulls eye to say the least.

you have an awesome idea.  

i wonder what would happen though ?

we would all probably dissappear into a black hole somewhere



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