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Author Topic: Interference with visitation-other questions-long  (Read 2050 times)


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Interference with visitation-other questions-long
« on: Jan 27, 2004, 03:59:41 PM »


Divorced in 2000, two daughters ages 15 and 10, son 8.

State of Florida.

Primary residential custody of children to father as directed
by mother at time of divorce due to mother living next door
with maternal grandparents of children. Legal decisions as to
education and medical to be shared.


Mother (me) moved out of that home due to veiled harassment
from ex. Moved in with boyfriend, now husband, together 3 years.

Mother gave father her interests in his home due to a promise to
keep the children in that home and in the same school district
after years of moving here and there.

No support was ordered, but due to father's threats to children
of "I will sue your mother", mother paid off and on support to father,
even though divorce decree stipulated no child support or alimony.

Maternal grandparents both died and home next door (safe zone)
was gone.

Decree stipulates that mother is to be with the children every day
after school and every other weekend.

Father at one point moved psychotic girlfriend into their home, then
moved her out a few months later.

Father rented out home with the kids and moved to a different
county. Married woman he had known only 6 months and moved
into another home with new wife and new step-daughter, age 14.

Immediatly after the move father became unreasonable about
visitation. Enrolled children in new school district conveniently
leaving off any info concerning mother. Mother had to bring a
divorce decree to the school in order to receive any info about
their classes, etc.

Father now says mother may only see children every Wednesday
for a four hour period, and only every other weekend.

Against mother's wishes, father had new wife add kids to her
medical insurance. This forced a change in dentists. Father refuses
to give mother any info regarding this insurance.

New step-sister has ADHD and has been caught stealing among
other things. New wife, her mother, has allowed this 14 yr old to
date a 16 yr old dropout. This dropout, according to oldest daughter, "practically lives with us".

New step-sister has been abusive to younger children in the past,
going as far as throwing 10 yr old daughter into the deep end of a
swimming pool when no adult was home.

Mother has two documented cases of father ignoring one child's
health problems. Only seen by doctor and diagnosed as ill (meds
prescibed) after mother saw symptoms and took daughter to

Father ignored one child's bad tooth, and called and cancelled a
dental appointment made by the mother because "new wife's dentist
is cheaper because he's covered under her policy". That dentist would
have had to refer out to ANOTHER dentist because he doesn't "do that
kind of work on kids". Mother made sure that tooth was taken care of.

Children are all left out in the boondocks alone until parents come
home in evening, and during school holidays are left home alone
all day long. Father refuses to allow mother extra time during these
days off.

After father told daughter that if mother gets custody she'll never
let them see him, daughter has been brainwashed (?) into changing
her mind about wanting to live with mother.

Father had oldest daughter call mother and beg her to stop
proceedings. Says that if mother persues, new wife will divorce him
and sell their home and they will have no where to live.

I have now gotten a lawyer and filed a motion for custody. It's a long
drawn out process that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.


How far do things have to go to prove medical neglect? Does the
paperwork from two doctor's visits and one interference with a dental
visit amount to anything?

If he has primary residential and he moves against what we agreed
upon, is he allowed to enter the children in another school district that
I do not agree on?

Does it matter if this school is now almost an hour's drive from my
residence and his place of employment?

Is he allowed to negate the divorce decree and decide that I can
only see our children at his whim? My research says no, but if the
decree has to be upheld, does that mean that he now has to share
in the driving time due to the fact that he moved 40 mins away?

Is he allowed to let his wife add the children to her medical insurance?
Even if I've said that I will provide the medical and dental and I have?

At what point do I have a legitimate concern about the step-sister's
irrational behavior? You can't document things when you find them
out 3 days after the fact. How DO you document something like that?

Can I bring up in court the psychotic girlfriend that he kicked out?

Can I bring up the fact that father had daughter call crying about
new wife divorcing him and losing their home? Does this constitute
psychological abuse?

I appreciate your time. I did research through the old posts and
didn't find anything appropriate to our situations.

FL Mom


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