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Author Topic: THE SILVER LINING  (Read 1258 times)


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« on: Jul 16, 2004, 07:26:11 AM »
This morning I received a phone call from FOC. They said the judge had signed the order and I would get a copy in the mail. Apparently we have one stop referee shopping in MI: A motion generates a CO if approved and a withholding order. (I do not have to do anything: automatically mailed to employer.) The only problem now is the 44.00 error the ref made: I will worry about that later.

Two good things have happened. 1) I am officially recognized as having 50/50 by the court. 2) I feel more confidant: I was able to do this myself (with your astute help). I made a vow never to use my attorney again. I did it for 20.00. He wanted 1200.00 to start. (I am not against attorneys…just the wrong ones.

I have, through diligent inquiry
and research located an attorney who is a barracuda and is 15 miles from where I live and knows the court system I am dealing with well. I found his listing on SPARC and other research has revealed he has nothing but glowing reviews. He only represents men,
has the highest Martin Hubbell rating. He is my big gun I will use is EX makes false allegations again or tries to change custody.

Although I did not catch the ref’s computation error at the hearing, the golden goose was the parenting time mod, not the CS reduction. My documents, proofs, etc. were well organized and efficiently presented following your advice.

More often than not, I have posted late at night. Usually some problem would occur during the day or a new wrinkle would present itself to me in the evening.  What a solace and comfort it was to post on SPARC late in the evening and have your response with 5 minutes. That was just incredible. (Like last PM).

Thanks you for all your responses over the past 3 years. You are a gem.


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You're welcome. (nm)
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