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Author Topic: John Murtari Update - Senator Clinton Still Stonewalling  (Read 973 times)


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John Murtari Update - Senator Clinton Still Stonewalling
« on: Sep 01, 2004, 07:56:16 AM »
This is a message from the AKidsRight.Org mailing list.  Unsubscribe instructions at bottom of message.
Good People & People of Faith,

This is a 'quick' message to keep you updated on what has happened
this week at the Syracuse Federal Building. Efforts continue to get a
meeting with group members and Senator Hillary R. Clinton.  I had a
conference with the Judge and prosecutor yesterday in US District
Court and the results, while disappointing, have served to make future
direction clear (although the road appears very rocky!).  The two big
items were: No stipulation, but a trial on pending charges & the Judge
said it was 'all right' for security to push me away from the
building.  For full background and details, see:

No Stipulation
The Judge had a change of opinion regarding the 'stipulation' that was
going to resolve the 4 pending charges without need for trial.  He
told me and the US Attorney he would not accept our agreement (to use
the previous trial transcript as a statement of the facts). Then, for
about the next 30 minutes, he proposed some solutions and was
'encouraging' me to either plead "guilty" or "nolo contendere" (no
contest) to the charges -- that would allow for a quick decision and

We have a lot of mothers and fathers in the group that have written
and told me how they plead 'guilty' to things they didn't do --
because of pressure and promises from Judges, lawyers, and social
workers. Being a 'lie', it is never the right thing -- but it happens,
we are just human. Well, yesterday, I really felt the squeeze.

As the Judge was talking about rejecting the stipulation I felt my
stomach dropping.  The way I (You) used to feel in Family Court when
you get the Judge's decision, and even before you get all the details,
you  know you 'lost' -- you are not seeing your kids as you hoped!

All I could think was "When am I going to see Domenic?"  My son lives
out West and I can't buy plane tickets to get my weekend 'visit' until
this sentence was served.  I had been hoping to get a verdict and
sentence and hopefully be able to see him by October.

For a long moment I almost wanted to say 'guilty' just to get it over
with so that I could see Dom as soon as possible, but I did not -- and
my thanks to the many of you who shared your experiences. How easy it
is to forget how wrong a 'lie' is, what a denial of Faith (even though
everybody does it!). An old explanation - a 'lie' is a false attempt
to participate in the Act of Creation.  By the power of a word, to
bring substance from void.  To make 'be', something that 'was not'.

Finally, the Judge set a trial date of September 21st.

Okay to 'push'
I was glad to have the opportunity to raise the issue of being
'pushed' out of the Building by security and being 'blocked' from
entering. I had written a letter earlier with more details:


I told the Judge the conduct was inappropriate.  That this was a Civil
Right's issue and it was an indignity for authorities to push someone
away when they are trying to peacefully petition their Member of
Congress...  He did not seem disturbed and said he would not interfere
while they are doing their duties -- that maybe this was something for
a 'civil action'.

Again, I was reminded of those of you who had your rights trampled in
the system.  Sometimes through out-right fraud -- but who has the
money to hire a lawyer to pursue justice when facing the power of

NonViolent Action
Tomorrow, Sep 2nd, at about 2pm I'll be going back to the Federal
Building and again 'press' for entry even it we end up in a 'dance'
blocking both doors to the building.  It is an uncomfortable
thought. It will provide another reason for arrest and perhaps even an
extended detension before trail (although I still have a 'right' to
speedy trial if detained).  In some ways I may be doing exactly what
they want -- shifting the focus from the hallway outside Senator
Clinton's office.  It will also be what will show my (our) conviction
that being separated from the children we love is a GREAT wrong, and
worthy of GREAT sacrifice to restore.

Being a former Air Force pilot, I never thought I would learn anything
from an Army Sergeant -- but I heard part of a conversation a few days
ago as I was outside the building that really stuck with me.

As he was walking into the building, I heard him say to a companion,
"There are only two things in life worth fighting for -- your Country
and your Family."

I thought about 'fighting' and the images most of us think about:
weapons, combat, injuries, death -- personal sacrifice. I don't know
about you, but I'm a bit glad I'm not in the military right now. I
have a friend who is expecting rotation back to Iraq and the knowledge
that at any time as he is passing down a road -- a bomb could explode
and he could be killed or maimed (just that easy!).

What about us here as parents?  I certainly DO NOT think any kind of
weapons are need for Family Law reform.  It is not that kind of
'fight'. But it will require a real struggle and real sacrifice. That
is what NonViolent Action is about.

If we really think this is a GREAT Civil Right, we are not exempt from
sacrifice as parents.  Sometimes what we will do will have great
external effect, sometimes it will be meaningless, and sometime we'll
be hurt by "friendly fire."  I can't help but think of the NFL player
Pat Tillman, gave up millions to be a 'grunt' and killed by one of
our own soldiers in Afghanistan.  Did that change the value of his
sacrifice? No.

Current Events
Will I be doing the 'right' thing tomorrow and in the future?  God only
knows. It is especially frightening when I find myself alone there (I
want to thank many of you who wrote the Senator. I think it made a
difference and her contact info is at the web site, above).  But in
the last two weeks ZERO people have stopped by the Federal Building
to participate or even lend a word of support.  Yesterday I hoped some
folks would come by to talk and perhaps be at the Court session. ZERO.

Tomorrow what do I expect?  Someone.  I always do. Am I 'mad' at folks
for not showing up -- of course not.  I realize how busy everyone is.
We all see how much stuff comes across the Internet.  I have seen
pleas for help that I have ignored (you can only do so much).  But
I've also got Faith there are some good folks out there (better than
me) and that any day now, someone will come.  Does having ZERO company
relieve me of my obligation to act?  No.

This is the end of the message. I have some nice words below from
Thoreau, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King.  I think you'll like them and
maybe someday we will turn these words into ACTION.  When we do, we
will have our GREAT right recognized.

Oh, and of course I feel 'good' about tomorrow.  It is another chance
to demonstrate the GREAT love I have for my child...  Can anything
'bad/evil' happen to me as a result of that -- it is inconceivable.

-- John Murtari _________________________________________________ ___________________ Coordinator AKidsRight.Org jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents" Toll Free (877) 635-1968(x-211) http://www.AKidsRight.Org/


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Disgusting isn't it?  I'll take another look at this when I get back.  A lot of people in NY State are talking about running Rudy Guiliani against the Hildebeast in 2006.

Has Mr. Murtari even started to realize that he's been barking up the wrong tree?  The more he tries to contact this person, the deeper he's going to sink.  She doesn't care about our definition of family and parental rights.  Does this poor soul not understand this?

I think I should contact him next week and give him a dose of reality.  In a kind and gentle way, of course.  I promise I won't treat him to one of my acid spitting Hellary rants...


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