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Author Topic: Selling a political party  (Read 1278 times)


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Selling a political party
« on: Aug 27, 2004, 09:27:26 AM »
A copy/paste from an email sent to me. I know it’s long.

Their is a presadental candidate who is Pro Father!!

After a canned speech calling for the normal Libertarian platform changes in what we call government, when being police,  Michael Badnarik, Libertarian Nominee for the Presidency of U.S. of A., was asked in writing about Child abuse and CPS [Child Protection Services].
  In less than 2 minute answer,  Mr. BADNARIK, who is now showing in polls that include him in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota up from Zero [when he was NOT included in polls] to 1.5% and in a recent poll 3% in N.M.  BEFORE he started running Tv adds,  said, ~ I would do all I can to abolish CPS,  communities, friends and neighbors should be responsible for deciding IF they will get personally involved to stop.  If it is not serious enough for YOU to be involved, personally, it probably does not rise to the level to justify taking the children away.   He went on to elaborate that 75% of child abuse happens IN Foster care , AFTER the children have been taken from their natural parents.
   I have it on my TV show, actually footage, so anyone can see and hear PRECISELY what the Libertarian Presidential nominee SAID.
 *** Fathers and Childrens Rights groups now have a Presidential champion!  Abolish CPS, it does far more harm than good, and their is no constitutional provision to permit it to even exit.
    http://www.Badnarik.org  should have a position paper on the web site by September 1, Allen Hacker, the California Badnarik Coordinator assured me tonight.  Regardless, I'll have that on my Tv show airing locally by this weekend.
    Badnarik remains the ONLY presidential hopeful to declare the CPS system UNFIT to care for anyones children.  It is all about the money and building Government Empires of power  O V E R parents.... not the best interests of the children.
   I am only sending this to you Fathers Rights Groups.  Pass it on to the other 1000+ groups.

Fathers Rights have a champion.  His name is Michael Badnarik, and he and hundreds of other Libertarians are on all 50 state ballots this November.
   If you want the screwing you been getting by the Courts, President Clinton, Bush, then vote for the two parties which create and maintain the FAMILY  destruction machine.  you know... theDemocrats and Republicrats.   The definition of insanity, is to continue to do what  you have always done, and expect a different result.!!
   If  you want to send a strong message to abolish CPS, END Court FORCED child support, and grant both parents EQUAL time [barring one is in jail or
whacko],  Michael BADNARIK is you candidate.
   Now, if you don't check out http://www.Badnarik.org  and click on his EVENTS calendar, find out when he will be NEAR you and go thank him for standing up for DADS, and do all you can to get him INTO the October Debates, then you DADS deserve what you have been getting.

 Freedom is not Free, and many Dads are sitting in jail as I write this, because they were NOT VIGILLANTE about guarding their civil liberties.  BADNARIK and the Libertarians are the medicine we need to heal Americas civil Rights abuses on a lot of issue, but none more cherished than this one.
    And spread the word.
William J. Wagener


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RE: Selling a political party
« Reply #1 on: Aug 30, 2004, 07:22:52 AM »
Ditto, and bump :)


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