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Author Topic: Need help to talk to son via phone  (Read 1833 times)


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Need help to talk to son via phone
« on: Dec 10, 2003, 09:48:15 PM »


I have a friend who is desperate to talk to his son.  He met a girl in California where they were both living.  They were married and came to live in Massachusettes where my friend is originally from (born and raised).  She gave birth to their son in Mass.  They then went to Sweeden to Live where she is originally from.  The father and son are American Citizens both born in Massachusetts. While in Sweeden, the father  and mother were not getting along and decided to divorce.  The mother is very bitter! But the dad knew it was not a healthy atomosphere to raise a child.  The father could not get work out in Sweeden but stayed there with public assistance for three years to be with his son.  Not being able to work in Sweeden, my friend was forced to come back to California and look for work with the understanding he would have contact with his son via phone and visits when he could, until he was stable.  Now that he is here, the mother is not allowing the son to talk to his dad over the phone.  My friend is heartbroken.  He is trying to find a way to be sure that he can have contact.  Is there someone that can advocate for him over in Sweeden. Someone to set up times that are followed through with so he could talk to his little boy.  Do they have an organization out there?  I have tried to find out over the internet.  He wants to keep in touch with him and sends him things through the mail but isn't sure if he is getting the gifts. She plays games with both the child and father and it is very harmful to both!  PLEASE SOMEONE HELP.  My friend has no computer so I told him that I would do some research.  He is also talking to people in Sweeden to see what can be done.  I want to help him stop crying...this Dad needs to be part of his son's life.   Thank you.


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