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Author Topic: help fast????  (Read 4803 times)


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RE: help fast????
« Reply #20 on: Aug 02, 2005, 09:23:19 AM »
well finding an attorney via phine is difficult to say the least. after about 20 or so calls i could only get one on the phone willing to talk to me about the case.

what i found out was somewhat heartbreaking.
turns out the attoney i have been talking to knows of the therapist and BM's attoney. In his words they equal bad news
the therapist (is not a licenced therapist) is able to be bought and give very damaging testimony. her attorney is one that most do not like to deal with.

again thank you for the info you have been giving.

I called LA CPS and asked if they could help and they also said it probably belongs in AZ.
I guess i could really argue the issue and try to get it moved to LA but i think all that will do is delay the prceddings and give her a little momentum in the case.

right now my focus is trying do discredit this so called therapist and get my son back with me where he belongs from there i will entertain any request for evaluations the court my have.
they hard part is i know the therapist is gonna sing like a bird that my son is in danger.
on my side i do have teachers, guidence counselors, LA CPS and AZ CPS that all know the truth. its just a matter of getting that into the court on this first hearing


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RE: help fast????
« Reply #21 on: Aug 02, 2005, 10:07:31 AM »
>again thank you for the info you have been giving.

You're welcome. You appear to obtained competent legal representation in AZ, so good luck to you.


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