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Author Topic: 9 years of garbage I took out the trash and lost my kids  (Read 2074 times)


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9 years of garbage I took out the trash and lost my kids
« on: Oct 25, 2004, 03:00:26 AM »
(Edited into paragraphs for readability -Brent)

My Name is Michael and I met Jolene Jepson while remodeling her parents home Truman and Jeanette Jepson somewhat strict to the LDS church this was my first experience with the Mormon Church.

When I met Jolene she was dating a 35 year old man and I guess that should of warned me of things to come especially since she was only 16 she had quit school and just wanted a bunch of babies couldn’t understand and to this day I still don’t she was very upfront and forward as soon as she hit 17 she flirt in an over sexual way she asked me out for the 50th time and finally I said ok our first date she showed up at my moms home to pick me up and when I opened the door she stood there with a brown bag in her hand she grabbed my hand and off we sped in her car to the quiet empty parking lot of Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma Wa and the bag was full of rubbers that she stole.

I don't need to tell you that I got lucky, she continued chasing me around and she seemed to be genuine and in love we ended up moving into an apartment together but not married her mom and dad loaded on the pressure to marry she became more and more obsessive with me I tried several times to break it off with her and either she would be yelling and crying in the morning hours at the apartment complex and some how we ended up engaged. She was caught sleeping with the guys upstairs and I told her that’s it I’m outta here witch really hurt as for some blind reason I did loved her and treated her like a princess anyway she hung out outside the apartment waiting for me to come home and she was acting funny, Se finally admitted to sleeping with the security guard as-well and as it turned out he was also a married man I left and she persisted and because I did love this person "why I don't know "

we ended up getting married and having 2 wonderful children and after a nine year marriage I couldn’t take all the adulterous affairs she tried to and might of slept with my best friend and other neighbors all the time, don’t get me wrong I’m maybe a half step behind a rico suavey but i'm definatly no an erkle and I treated my wife good and I used to be a great father I would go to church ounce and awhile but it felt wrong walking into the building meeting people that were there because they believed and practiced thier religion and my wife the only reason I’m there has a triple mint mocha in one hand and a cigarette in the other it felt wrong to be there and the one time in my life I had chosen the church.

The Church of Later Day Saints and had spent time with the bishop and learned my lessons from the missionaries and was baptized and saved I came home to find out that she was having hand sex on the couch with the neighbor with the my 2 kids and his no more than three feet away so we separated and then about 7 fairly close friends came up and told me that she had been chasing them around as well. I filed for divorce in San Diego I was so distraught with what has happened in my life I walked away from the church and didn't look back. she broke into my home and stole every trace that I have kids I don't have one picture of my kids now 7 Hannah and Tyler is 10she stakes my home out with the kids in the car at 2 and 3 am I filed a restraining order and then she tried to run me down with her car while I was at my friends BBQ

all the cops did was to tell her not to come around my home anymore. On fathers day  she started an argument and took the kids away from me that was 2003  then she calls CPS on me I talked to the lady on the phone for 2 minutes she spoke to them for over 8 hours no I’m on some stupid database because my ex-wife has a grudge then she plays the cps card "Oh they are going to take the kids away we need to get them back to Tacoma Wa were they will be out of California jurisdiction" she had me so worried about my kids I went along with it "really dumb" shortly after she left for Washington I find out she had a trumped up charge of domestic violence going I think the cops wised up to her they never talked to me

2 months later I moved back and we started counseling with a stake center counselor it wasn’t worth the gas to go, her mother is studying to be a paralegal and throwing buzz words and fabrications  around like they were bubblegum we went back to San Diego she flew I took the train, ya see with the cps and phony charge of Domestic Violence the Secret clearance I held for my 60k+ a year military/civilian job vaporized and the whole time playing games with the kids telling them to call 911 on their dad telling them that I gave up my rights as a father my son pestered her enough that she let him move in with me witch was awesome

we sang songs on the way to school we did homework together it was really cool and when we got to San Diego too sign the papers when a week earlier we were doing counseling and doing things together she said she would not sign unless she gets child support for both kids when one of them were living with me and when I refused she had her mother pull Tyler from my our home and 2 days after we returned to Washington she pack up her car and the kids and goes to some guys home for the weekend she met him online the day before. my visitation started that weds day and my 10 year old pulls me to one-side and goes on to tell me how he heard mommy having sex  with this cris guy.

Now let me ask you and I know you’re probably tired of reading this, but does this sound like a smart thing to do with your kids? 22 days her and this cris guy get married "because she knows he's the one" the one what? the one next in line I guess but any way this guy was supposed to be temple ready but hmm he drinks and throws violent fits when she’s hangin her boobs over the fence flirting with the neighbor hmmm figure that I guess it is his turn any way they are both phonies so maybe they might be right for each other but my main concern is his record with Washington CPS he had both his kids taken away from him, the mother up and disappeared and then a Sheriff shows up at my door and her and her mother went to the judge and said I have a gun and have been driving by her house "

I did drive by twice both times with the expectation to pick up my kids for the weekend I never seen or talked to anybody I never got out of my vehicle the answering machine said "ha were not here!" any way she had a protection order and a no contact order and all kinds of garbage but if you wanted to ruin a mans life to the point of no return "taking his kids away" you could do that the judge didn't care whether I have own carry posses a firearm witch I have never owned a gun. Right now I haven’t seen my kids for over 2 months the LDS church promotes Family blended or otherwise the actions of Jolene M jepson/Flohr/harrison of Bonny Lake Washington is and has been a continuing disgrace to the Church and all the "real" righteous faith practicing members and especially an embarrassment to the Sisterhood as a whole and that brings me to the reason I have just explained all this to you

I think the church to stay true needs to look into her actions and behavior I have witnessed Jolene to lie straight to her bishop and then walk out and do exactly what she knows as wrong I could go into more detail but it would make your toes curl I would like to ask you to forward this letter to  someone that can do something about Jolene her current bishop is totally snowed by her, she wears many faces as it is I don't have the funds to hire an attorney so I will probably end up back in California till Tyler reaches 12 when he can decide wear he wants to live. I thank you for you interest if you made it this far help me out and have this woman removed from the church.
Work here in washington state has dried up for me I cant afford the child support set by Calif guidlines i am behind so i cant even go after her for contempt of court for denial of visitation because the judge will say pay $1500.00 in 48 hours or its off to jail for you "i know this through expierience"i can no longer just sit here going broke and getting deeper in this hole at this point i havnt seen my kids in over 2 and 1/2 monthes due to her games im not a deadbeat dad my kids are my world but i am moving back to Calif to go after the court mediators service and CPS for a shotty investigation and slander i can work there to make enough to hire a Guardian Ad Litem so my kids will hopefully "if not brainwashed" tell GAL whats the real truth to be able to walk into a court of law and just spew whatever sounds good "the buzz words" to get the judge riled up enough to  enforce a no contact order based on lies and fabrication without a shred of evidence just blowes me away.

I dont sleep at night im getting further depressed knowing my 2 wonderful kids love me and want to be with me but have to suffer under thier thoughtless mother and i know this because my kids call every now and thenm usually crying and all upset because the kids were put on restriction for wanting to be with me.
Any questions feel free to email me
At bluerocket1100@yahoo.com


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RE: 9 years of garbage I took out the trash and lost my kids
« Reply #1 on: Oct 25, 2004, 05:42:44 AM »

This post is a prime example of go back and do it again. This time, PLEASE try to break this up a little bit so it can be read easier.

Next piece of advice, edit out peoples names.

One thing stood out, you are under a misimpression. Children do NOT get to decide where they live. Period. You as a parent must file a motion in court to change custody and that motion must satisfy a few things.

Tips For Getting Started

How To Hire An Attorney

Hiring An Effective Attorney

Success Factors In Obtaining Custody


Suggestions When Falsely Accused

Dealing With Threats Of False Allegations

URL: http://www.deltabravo.net/custody/guide.htm


One of the first things you'll hear around here is "Document, document, document!". Having good records is *crucial*. Get yourself either the Parenting Time Tracker (PTT) at: http://www.deltabravo.net/custody/tracker.htm or the OPTIMAL Custody Tracking service at: http://www.parentingtime.net. The PTT is good, but the OPTIMAL service is definitely better.



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Formatting is your friend
« Reply #2 on: Oct 25, 2004, 07:20:05 AM »
I damned near lost the rest of my eyesight trying to read your post.  I think what you wrote is important, but please hit the "enter key" every 4-5 sentences.

Could you post your concerns and specifically what you need help on?  Don't worry about the LDS.  They take care of their own.  That would be Jolene, not you.

I guess what you need is a good lawyer.  Write everything down, point by point, and show it to your attorney.  Unfortunately, adultery is not a problem in family court, but your ex has a mental problem.  I hope you can get your kids out of that enviroment.  You'll probably need a second job to accomplish this :(


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I can relate
« Reply #3 on: Oct 25, 2004, 09:58:00 AM »
Perhaps the formatting wasn't the greatest, but I think this man was venting. Sometimes when you are telling a story as emotional as his the words just kinda pour out of you and formatting is the last thing you think about.

The absolute best advice I can give you is document everything. I went down to Radio shack myself and spent about $10-$20 and bought a device to put on my telephone line to record telephone conversations. I also use a hand held recorder to make "notes" with time and dates. I have been doing this for the past few years and I am saving up my evidence. Perhaps someday I can show the courts. Laws vary from state to state on the legality of what I am doing. According to Indiana law if 1 person knows the call is being recorded it is legal....check with a lawyeer in your state for more information.

As for the child support ANY effort at all to pay will be to your benefit. Even if you send $5.00 a week. Sure you will get behind, but you can show the courts proof of your income at the time and it WILL help you.

As for the ex, it is expensive but you CAN show the courts she has a mental problem or something it will be to your benefit. Sadly no matter what the courts say the kids can not choose where they live.


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RE: I can relate
« Reply #4 on: Oct 25, 2004, 02:49:32 PM »
Oh, of course he was venting.  I don't blame him, but at the same time I went crosseyed trying to figure out what he was trying to say.

I went to Radio Shack, but the clerk didn't have what I was asking for.  I did get some cassette tapes, though.  When I went into my little one's bedroom, I noticed her karaoke thingie.  It has a stand alone microphone, and it records cassette tapes.  As long as something is left on an answering machine, it can legally be recorded.  I'm having a huge problem recording the three messages she left on the answering machine, last weekend.  I feel like I'm betraying her trust.  

Lord, she spends her whole visitation weekend calling everyone.  Her father's brother received a call from both kids when they were on vacation in Utah.  Apparently they got some burgers and soda, then were left in a motel room by themselves, I guess for quite a few hours.  They aren't babies, and they shouldn't have been calling all the relatives.  There was no cable!  Call the cops!  Lol, they need to bring reading material.

I mentioned the possibility of mental impairment by his ex wife's hyper sexuality.  I'm trying to keep it clean.  There could be a few reasons for her acting out like that, and none of them are pleasant.  It's very expensive to order psychological tests, and from what I've been told, sociopaths can wiggle right through them.   I'm not saying that the woman is a sociopath, but her behavior is horrible, and she needs help.


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How long have you been in WA this time?
« Reply #5 on: Oct 25, 2004, 07:01:52 PM »
IF it is more than 6 months file for WA to take the CS case. Then you can be judged on WA support guidelines and they will have to start out fresh.

Easiest way is to open a support case in WA as no one lives in CA anymore. They will have to refigure based on WA guidelines Based on both parents' incomes. Ex will likely accept a change in jurisdiction, as she would not have to go to CA to go to court. Then submit to the WSSR (Washington State Support Registry. ) This will garnishe your wages, BUT then you can request an administrative review of your support order periodically... at the state's expense. And they cannot take more than 50% of your pay regardless of your order.

It may seem like a rough way to go, but you have to get the CS order changed. In the event you move back to CA later, just let the WA order stand. If your CA order is garnished check with Support Enforcement. They may have an administrative review you can enforce in CA. YOu cannot go back further than the date you request a change, so start SOMETHING.

A true soldier fights, not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves whats behind him...dear parents, please remember not to continue to fight because you hate your ex, but because you love your children.


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Do it ASAP
« Reply #6 on: Oct 25, 2004, 10:15:55 PM »
Whatever you do, make sure that you get the Child support changed ASAP. Even if you think you can't afford to go back to court, go back and get the CS changed right away. I made the mistake of letting it go for over 3 years because I could not afford to go back to court. In my case I owned a small business and the courts considered ALL of the companies income and my income....which I might add is AGAINSt Indiana's child support laws...but anyways. To make a long story short I am now $15k behind on Child support because I did not act right away. I almost went to jail on felony child support  evasion. Isn't it great to know that NOT ONLY do I only get to see our daughter 14% of the year, but I also have to pay someone else to raise her? A friend of mine compared custody to kidnapping. He said that at least when your kid is kidnapped, they are returned once you pay the ransom. Being a non custodial parent, you jsut keep paying ransom, but the kid is never returned.


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I am in WA as well.......
« Reply #7 on: Oct 26, 2004, 02:20:51 PM »
Can I ask what part of Washington your ex lives in??

If it is in Pierce County, and she has lived their for over 6 months, I can provided you with the name and number of a good atty and one you can afford as well.

Let me know what county your ex lives in.



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