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Dear Socrateaser / Re: Legal HELP
« on: Nov 22, 2008, 04:51:35 AM »
I'm not an attorney but I personally wouldn't count on My Space messages as carrrying any weight. I would send a certified, return reciept, letter to the ex saying that Ive been trying to make contact with them and please respond with contact information. Or better yet, go talk to the judge asap. Isn't there an agreement in place defining visitation/contact? If not shouldn't there be?

All this coming from a guy who hasn't seen his own children in years.... don't expect much sympothy from the courts.

New York State Forum / RE: modification of past visitation award
« on: Dec 19, 2003, 06:13:30 AM »
You're the best lawyer you're going to get.  The others are doing a job to pat their own bills.

I would think getting proof of these things is your best bet.  Send certified mail to your X asking for these things and state clearly why you want them.  If she doesn't reply or refuses then go to a judge and show that you're trying to be reasonable and your X is not.

Even that may not help but it's the best chance you have.  You can hire a lawyer, pay him $$$$ and pay him some more but I doubt you'll have any better luck.  I've been doing this for 3 years now and the only thing I've ever said to judge is my name and "yes, I understand" when they tell me I've just been screwed again.  For this pleasure I've paid dearly.

Im not trying to rain on this, however, I think a lot of people are missing the BIG problem with this bill.  It clearly states that parents with more than 100 days will get a break, while parents with less than 60 days will pay more.  What do you think women will do now when there's a dissolution of marriage?  You guessed it, they fight you to the death to make sure you get no more than 4 days / month.  That's 48 days / year.  Plus 10 days for summer vacation.  Which by the way is the standard visitation in most states. GET the picture!!!

Until there's a bill for shared parenting, Georgia dads just got bent over. Yea, they got flowers so they didn't see it coming.

Here's what you do.  Find a part time job off the books.  There I said it.  I know this site doesn't like to promote this type of thing but what is the guy supposed to do.  

So, when you don't have your kid work a second job as a bartender.  Or start hammering nails,  working in a deli . . .  Put the charges on your credit card and then use the cash to pay it off.  Also, is there room in your house to put in an apartment?  Even a studio, rent it out (cash only).  Fight man . . . but whatever you do don't let go of the time you have with your kid.

And for Gods sake did you write your letters yet? Here's a good place to start ->

Put in your zip, then tell them how you plan to vote. Ask your friends and family to do the same. If we don't start making a real lot of noise about this, then we should start learning to like it.  You know I'm starting to think we deserve this crap.  No one wants to write a stinking letter.  What gives?  Are we afraid we can't spell "I'M NOT VOTING FOR YOU BECAUSE I'M A DAD AND YOU TOOK MY KIDS!!!"


Child Support Issues / RE: A positive story for the father's side
« on: Jul 02, 2004, 08:06:54 AM »
I'm happy for you, but by the judges own admission, "and nobody batted an eye when the men where order to pay huge amounts of child support", indicates clearly that the system does not work.  It simply shifted the burden to the opposite side.  Now it's as unfare to the mom as it once was to the dad.  Poetic justice, maybe. But still messed up.

Congrats on getting the children away from a psycho.  

Child Support Issues / RE: Accounting for child support payments
« on: Jul 01, 2004, 01:42:44 PM »
Since you are new to this then you can't know what your brother is facing, although if you've been reading posts then you may be getting the idea.  It's hard to believe until it's actually happening to you though.

I have to agree with a previous poster.  If your brother already agreed to giving up custody, he's already got his head in the meat grinder.  I'm not blaming him for giving in though, the court has this knack for twisting testicals . . .

Here's what he can do. Nothing.  Now he shows up in court with all of his financial records and a court orifice will run the calculations.  Then every so often his twisted empowered ex will drag him back to see if he's somehow managed to improve his meager standard of living, so she can put him pack in a hole.

So, write letters to EVERYONE or stick your head in the sand.

Child Support Issues / RE: Dear rini
« on: Jun 29, 2004, 11:01:34 AM »
Nothings wrong with parents taking care of their children.  Who's saying there is?

While I agree that they are under NO obligation to share in support, I disagree with the last statment.  Who cares where they keep their money, there's still a two income family established.  Your statment implies that the step parent is keeping all of their income stashed away. I hardly doubt that's the way it happens.  CS is not just for food and clothing it's to provide a roof.  So if the roof is suddenly costing the CP less money, which it is if the step parent is paying for part of the rent/mortgage, shouldn't the NCP get a break?

Child Support Issues / RE: I'm not sure I agree
« on: Jun 22, 2004, 06:18:38 PM »
I think that the book is a load of cr*p just as Brent said.  Personally I'd let anyone who wanted to spend their money on it have at it.  Hey, it's your money.  

You see, the system has been in place for looooong time.  They've seen it all.  They've probably read the book you speak of, hell maybe some of them wrote it.  What I'm getting at is, that's the very reason you still have to pay CS based on your old salary.  Because it becomes cost effective to quite your job and find work off the books.  The judge knows it and so everybody suffers for the deeds of a few.  

So I think what Brent might be saying, because I find it hard to believe that he supports our CS system, is that you are suffering because people before you had a book on how to get around the system. But there is no way around the system.  You have to duck your head and go streight up the middle I'm afraid.

Write your congressmen and senators.  Send letters to judges, lawyers, mayors, newspapers, . . . .  Scream and yell your head off because that's the ONLY way we will win.  Spend the $20 on stamps and stationary . . . .

Child Support Issues / I'm not sure I agree
« on: Jun 21, 2004, 05:46:43 PM »
Personally I would be more than happy to help everyone beet this archaic system. I know darn well that my children don't need me to pay child support to their mother.  Because I'm as capable of providing for them now as I was when I lived with them. The very last thing they need is system to help out.

Although I agree that the offer is a scam.

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