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Custody Issues / Need advice in Phoenix
Jan 26, 2005, 04:55:16 PM
My best friend is getting a divorce.  She is a hospice nurse and her husband has a corporate job.  They make about the same in terms of salary.  They have 2 boys, 13 and 8.  They haven't sold the house yet, so they haven't filed for divorce (she was told they can't file while still living together).

Summing them up:

She is involved with the boy's teachers.  Both boys have ADHD and are medicated for it.  She is a very warm and loving person and the boys are very attached to her.

Her husband just admitted he's been using his bonuses for the last 12 years to add to his 80+ gun collection.   He had told her 12 years ago that his company was no longer paying bonuses.  He's had a DUI, is an occasional pot smoker and calls his sons "stupid @sshole" and "f*cking @sshole".  

I've known them both for years.  Honestly, this guy should never have married.  He has always been very much into his gun thing.  He gets off work at 2pm and when the boys come home, they automatically go to their rooms until their mother comes home because the husband wants silence in the house.  He told my friend's sister a few weeks ago that sometimes he hates his own kids.  When I've been around him and the kids, they have always seemed like a constant source of irritation for him.  Undoubtedly their ADHD gets under his skin.

My question is, how automatic is 50/50 custody in Arizona?  I know the oldest boy for sure is going to want to stay primarily with my girlfriend.  He pretty much has said that he thinks his father hates him (not prompted BTW) and a few years ago asked my girlfriend why she ever married his father.  The youngest child will probably be confused and upset that his parents are splitting.  

The husband has already said that he doesn't plan to pay any child support and will see the kids as much as necessary so that he doesn't have to pay.