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Visitation Issues / Unwritten grace period
« on: Jan 19, 2012, 10:11:23 AM »
Is there an unwritten rule in Family court that when it comes to court orders/visitation schedules?  This is what I told by a police officer.  For instance, even though the court order clearly states that pick up times for weekday visitation are 3:00pm until 8:00pm, that the parent returning the child is not considered late until they are returned after 9:00pm because their is an unwritten rule that parents, NCP or CP, have an hour grace period after the designated drop-off time. 
I follow the court order to a "T".  However, the NCP has made a habit of returning the child late.  Would you advise that I just ignore the late times because in the eyes of the court it doesn't really matter even if it is a continued pattern?  I am following the court order however it seems like the NCP does not have to follow the court order. 

Visitation Issues / Late Return
« on: Jul 25, 2011, 08:00:19 AM »
I just need to vent...again.  There are no set drop-off/pick-up times in the CO for summer vacation.  Usually the NCP will drop-off in between 7pm - 8:30pm.  Well, yesterday by 8:45pm the child was not home.  I called the NCP's cell phone to inquire about the child's whereabouts no answer.  So I left a message.  No return call.  I left another message at 9:00pm and sent an email. Still no return call and no response to the email.  I called the paternal grandmother's house and left a message.  In both messages that I left at 9:00pm, I said that I would contact the authorities if did not recieve a call back.  By this point I am panicking.  I don't know whether to call the police or not.  I am conflicted that what if she doesn't come back and I didn't call or there has been accident.  Well, I called the police at 9:12pm.  About 10 mins. after the call to the police the paternal grandmother calls from her cell phone saying that there were lost by this time I was an emotional wreck it was going on 9:30pm.  She claims they had been driving for 2 hours because they were lost, they left the house at 7:13pm, they didn't want to stop and ask for directions in downtown or anywhere because they were afraid of the area, the cell wasn't charged, the child was sitting on the cell phone charger in the car seat.  Excuse after excuse after excuse she apologizes but it does not come across as sincere at all in my opinion.  Now in the past (since last Oct.),  the paternal grandmother routinely has dropped off the child at my home every other Wednesday (for the CO weekly dinner night) after she picked up the child after school. She has also picked up the child from my home for visitation.  So the excuse of 'We were lost...' doesn't fly with me.  The phone call between the paternal grandmother and I was very tense.  The officer arrived and I explained that the paternal grandmother called and the situation.  He said to give them about an hour to show up.  They finally arrive at 10:05pm.  The paternal grandfather apologized profusely for being late.  He came across as believeable.  The paternal grandmother stayed in the truck.  If the roles were reversed this would be like me taking the child on the day the NCP was coming to pick up the child, have him wait around not return his calls and do not arrive until 2 hrs later saying that I was lost leaving the previous location I was at and I couldn't find my way home. 

It's the next day, I still feel a little emotinally drained and mad.  First, I mean how inconsiderate not to even call early on and say 'We're lost but we're coming.'   I would have understood.  Second, I find it hard to believe that if I buy that exucse that they were lost they couldn't have pulled into a gas station or fast food restaurant and asked for directions.  Third, the NCP doesn't send courtesy notice that the grandparents will be dropping off the child.  This is all just so wrong and inconsiderate all the way around.   

Custody Issues / Sole Custody
« on: Jul 13, 2011, 09:04:04 AM »
How how many incidents should one have before you request a modification of sole custody?  Currently, we have joint legal custody.  The NCP is using the child as weapon with constant false allegations of child abuse and now the latest of child being used a s spy.  These accusations are all made within the last 4 months.  He is purposely trying to sabotage my relationship with the child and he will not stop.  He is clearly not acting in the best interest of the child.  The GAL found his accusations baseless and that there were no merit to them.  However, the GAL still has not completed her report which was due last month.  It makes so mad that he is using a child as a weapon like this it is reprehensible.

General Issues / GAL Report
« on: Jun 15, 2011, 04:19:46 PM »
Does anyone know once the GAL is finished with the investigation do both parents get a copy ofthe report and each parent's completed questionaire?  Both parents are pro se. 

Visitation Issues / Summer schedule conflict
« on: Jun 12, 2011, 02:05:10 PM »
Greetings!  I am looking for some advice.  I am the custodial parent of a 3yr. old.  The child’s father and I have a CO in place since ’08.  The CO states that each parent is granted 6 weeks of summer vacation.  The non-custodial parent will select the weeks of summer vacation by March 1st so that each parent will have ample time to make summer camp and child care arrangements.  This year the child’s father did not send the weeks he selected for the summer by the March 1st deadline.  I think that he forgot to send the schedule.  After not receiving anything by March 15th, I selected the weeks for summer camp for the child and notified and sent the father the schedule via email.  The schedule was 2 consecutive weeks at a time for parent.  The child would spend the first 2 weeks with the father beginning June 6th.

The child’s father is claiming that he mailed (via the postal service) the summer schedule back in February, which I know that he did not. The child’s father wants to change schedule that I sent to alternating weeks.  I have planned the entire summer vacation as a well as my vacation from work based upon the schedule that I sent.  The child’s father is saying that he will bring the child back today instead of keeping through the following weekend. 

We currently have a contempt case pending and we are awaiting the investigative report from the GAL.  Once the GAL finishes the report I do not know how long it will take before we can see the judge?  I would like to try and resolve this matter about the summer schedule as soon as possible. I sent an email and left a voicemail message to ask if the child’s father if he please will follow the current summer schedule.  If the child’s father decided not to follow the summer schedule and returns the child early does anyone have any advice on what to do about the summer vacation schedule before go before the judge?  I have made alternate arrangements for the child for the upcoming week.

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