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The Family Legal System is corrupt,greedy,biased and incompetent in this country. Some states are worse than others,i.e.,California for one. The tragic thing about this is, it has been going on for years......and continues to destroy futures of our children and their beloved parents. Especially, the one left behind in one terrible way or the other and unfortunately, it is still the fathers that are getting left behind. People, children NEED their fathers as much as they need their mothers--were still in the l9th century here. I am a woman and I have experienced this tragic situation before,I know alot of other wonderful fathers that have been thru an egregious court system and all you have to do is READ about it--it's everywhere...It's bad!!!

It all starts with the antiquated laws and then filters down the system to all the biases,greed and incompetence,i.e.,Attorneys, Evaluators and even sadly the Judges--and all these people as a whole only HURT. But, they get their yacht payments made on time. Children are being ripped away from their good fit parent for no reasons or inane reasons and this needs to stop sooner than later. All of these so called experts that are involved in the decision making of the child most generally don't have a glue about what is in the best interest of a child nor do they care.( they don't even no the bad laws) The evaluation process is the most tragic of all of them because it is sooo controversial and can be more damaging than any help at all. There is NOT enough or accurate scientific evidence out there to prove much of anything...But, all these so called experts try to play God while there destroying a child's future and devastating her parents. What is wrong with this picture here...What is wrong is, there are far too many bads ones out there. They lie, they bate their clients against each other while they are telling you they are your best friend and etc.
The so called testing is again very controversial and damaging--there in accurate, they don't know how to read them and different people read into them totally different than the other. And depending on the parents mood at that moment can really deviate their answers--in that kind of stressful and angry situation both parents or one will score badly (totally unfair), and last you have these biased evaluators that usually lean toward the mothers anyway. This is a very tragic and insidious situation-it's injustice!!! And then, if you get a biased or incompetent judge it is crucifying time for the poor innocent good father. I watched an evaluator flat out perjure himself in the courtroom and the judge was sooo biased he had a "B" stamped in his forehead--they all should have been put in jail. There are also, alot of very selfish mothers out their that do not care about what is in the best interest of the child--they all seem to forget that. No, the Family Legal System is broken and needs a complete overhaul now.