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Ok, so i can do this myself as a PRO SE. I want her to come back to Arkansas to appear before the judge to declare her as a unfit mother-why? Because she keeps moving in with different men. without a job,child support,and unexplained bruises on my son's body. In addition to all this she had her daughter taken away, granting her mother sole custody of her child.
What forms do i need and how do i address these issues in the forms and to the judge, when she appears, if she appears at all.? How do i order her to come back to Arkansas and if she refuses or can't for some unknown reason? What then happens? What forms do i ask for to order her back to Ark, sole custody,unfit mother,abuse,and child support,paternity?
Do i file these all on one form or separately?

Update: An attorney called me this morning and Legal Aid from GA. The attorney stated i should ( of course hire an attorney!); contact legal aid because you cannot afford an attorney ( though she said the case for filing sole custody and paternity isn't that all expensive);explain to them that your son was abused and they should provide you with a free attorney and if they can't, find a student lawyer, who is studing family law and ask him or her to defend your case. About child support; you should be able to file for yourself, contact your DHS.
I called DHS about filing cs for my son and again they told me the lawyer didn't have a clue what she was saying because you don't have custody of your son therefore you cannot file
for cs, she must do so. And present the cs before a family court judge to enforce cs.
Legal Aid called, she said they couldn't provide me an attorney and that they don't handle paternity cases. Well thats fine because i don't want to drive all the way to GA just to establish i'm the father. I know now i can do it here. So i said thanks but no thanks.

No,no.no. She and i agreed that i'd pay her child support. She doesn't want to go to child support for some reason unknown to me. I've repeatedly asked her to file for it but she wouldn't do it. I called DHS, and asked them if i could file but they said only she could do this.She hasn't filed for any aid at all fo rher son. No Housing,welfare,and no child support. This is why i say odd. Most mothers are very quick to put there child on cs and other aid.
Maybe its because she recently ( 5mths ago) lost custody of her daughter (12yrs old). Due to being a unfit mother. Her daughter is now in the custody of the grandmother. The father is in the USAF stationed in Italy. When my ex moved into the motel with her first boyfriend she was living on the child support of her daughter.
 Her daughter was being cared for in Michigan. Should i mention this in court when i appear before the judge?I am in no condition right now to hire an Attorney. As this is what advice Legal Services attorney gave me , they could only refer this case to the legal aid office in Columbus,GA. I told them they would be moving again soon but i wouldn't know when. My ex is keeping me in the dark.
 I called the number she gave me last night so i could speak to my son, hes only 2yrs old. I asked her if she could give me her new address. To send my son a gift card for his birthday this coming weekend. He will be three this 28th. She wouldn't give me a address. She said she didn't know where she was. She just didn't want to give me one. Do i have the right to know the address of where my son is living? And how do i enforce this?
I was told by the Legal aid office in Ark, i just couldn't file this myself woth forms i can get on the web. I would need a attorney. But i can't afford one right now. maybe i should let this all alone. I'm just afraid of what may happen. I have been told that its illegal for her to be with
someone so soon like this. But i haven't read any laws that state she can't have a boyfriend.
Its the moving around and being unstable, no employment, though she says selling her crafts is a job but she isn't paying any taxes. we fought may times over this.I believe her new boyfriend is working but i don't know how long hes had this job. And its very strange they both don't want me or my mother to know the address of where they are living. But she says my son is well cared for and we have our own place. Man i hope shes not living in a motel again.

Sorry for the duplicates, i am now centralizing all posts to fathers issues. please reply there,
and thanx so much for all your info people!

Sorry for the duplicates, i am now centralizing all posts to fathers issues. please reply there,
and thanx so much for all your info people!

General Issues / Re: Sure could use some sound advice...
« on: Nov 23, 2009, 05:08:44 PM »
Sorry for the duplicates, i am now centralizing all posts to fathers issues. please reply there,
and thanx so much for all your info people!

Update. I found out from asking a lawyer that she wanted not to go to child support. Agreement was settled between her and i to pay her child support but no set amount, Odd.
Because i pushed and pushed her to file for child support and she wouldn't do it. Why i don't
know. I then told her i wanted to go to the court and legitimize the custody and visitation. She said " Nothing wouldn't change, they will only keep it the way our agreement is now."
I told her why she wouldn't go get any kind of aid.. cs, welffare, and housing. She didn't say anything. Instead stablizing herself. She moves into an apartment which is owned by her new boyfriend. While shes with him, she secretly emails another man who is living with his parents. I'm not sure if he has a job.
And now shes living with this man and our son maybe be in the care of his parents while they look for a residence. I contacted Legal Aid in ARk. They set me up right away for me to open up a case. The case worker told me being that she left Ark and moved to GA. The case hearing on paternity could only happen in GA because she has a residence there for at least 1 day.So i'll need to travel all the way down to GA to the hearing.
This hearing is for paternity judgment, custody and Visitaton rights. How may i prepare myself a case so i can prove shes unfit for legal custody?

Sorry, for all the duplicates. How do i centralize all my posts to one main one, and how do i delete them?
In the State of Arkansas i'm in Pulaski county. I would need to look up on ark gov under courts. I 'm looking into this, and i will update you soon.thx

She left last Weekend of this month. She has emailed my parents an address. Stating the address she has given to us is her boyfriend's parents address.She stated not to tell no one
about the new address, why i don't know, i'm assuming she doesn't want me to know? Of a fact my mother was going to send me the address. my ex knows this. I called legal aid way back in may and other lawyers of what my options were. I was told that there wasn't much i could do.I plan to call legal aid again monday and find out what they can do to help.

General Issues / Re: Sure could use some sound advice...
« on: Nov 20, 2009, 10:48:47 AM »
Last Saturday she had a vehicle donated to her with a bill of sale. She has 30 days to get tags,insurence, and regisration. She mentioned about making frequent trips from GA to Ark.
I'm unclear why. She hasn't gave me an address and i don't even know if by law she is entitled to show me.
Her and i haven't been to family court. To establish visitation and child support, she has stated she wishes not to because our situation wouldn't change much in regards to visitation.I cannot because i don't have the money to hire an attorney and court costs.
I don't even know how i can take this action. Not sure where to file a petition or what this petition is named under. I went to the internet to look for this petiton to keep her here but
couldn't  find it, in being we are unmarried and in wedlock.Before she left i had given her child support in money order and i keep the stubs. Now since shes in GA and no address i can't send her anything. But by the courts theres been no action to estabish i'm the father an any ordering of the court to enforce child support. Should i stop and wait until she files
to enforce child support?
I was told by a lawyer that even though you have paternity and birth documents of he child, you and the mother would need to go to court to establish that you are indeed the father through blood test. My plan is to stop paying her and let her file for it in either state, i don't know the laws regarding this matter now that we are in too different states. Shes also unclear about where her residence will be.Someone told me she would need copies of proof showing that i am the father before she could file for cs. All she has right now is a ARK driver's license. The vehicle was donated to her with a bill of sale. She has 30 days to get registration,tags,and insurence.

I have copies of paternity and the birth certificates. She only has the ssn of my child. I have repeatedly asked her to file for cs but she brings up excuses. I tried to file for cs at my local DHS and they told me she would have to file for cs.
She and i have had no court hearings on visitation because she wants to leave the courts out the situation. I on the other hand want to go to court so i can legitamize visitation agreements if the presense of a judge, however i cannot afford court costs right now or attorney fees, she is in the same position.
I have ceased from paying child support since the day she left to Ga, and i'm withholding
money until she goes to childsupport. I payed her in money orders keeping the stubs.
I was told by a friend, i really shouldn't pay anything until she goes to file. She would need
Birth Cert, Paternity Test, and show proof if shes still married. Is this true, i haven't looked into GA's family laws because shes not telling me where they living.

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