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This should absolutely be in effect!

It's not right when the CP claims poor, asks for additional support, and the buys new clothes/shoes/etc. every other week.

Are there any petitions to make something like showing proof happen?
Child Support Issues / Back Child Support
Nov 04, 2005, 01:09:14 PM
ooops, posted this on Father's issues by mistake. Here's my question:

If the parents have agreed upon child support payments without going to court, (and signed a contract agreeing on the amount) and CP decides to take the NCP to court, can the NCP be ordered to pay back support if the court doesn't find the previous payments to be enough?
Dear Socrateaser / No Court Order
Jan 18, 2006, 07:14:05 AM
CP resides in IA, NCP resides in IL.

Background:  NPC and CP were never married.  No court order has ever been sought, and NCP and CP have agreed on child support between themselves for past 9 years.  NCP is listed on birth certificate.
NCP is having trouble getting CP to return a form for child support increase, which is a little odd since this is in CP's favor.  NCP recently married, and income has increased.
A couple questions:

1.  Can the NCP hold off on an increase in support until paperwork is signed by CP and returned?

2.  Can NCP obtain documentation from child's school (i.e. report cards and progress reports) if no court order has ever been in place?  NCP has asked the school to send information directly to him, but the school has refused based on "not knowing if it is legal for them to do"

3.  Can there be any penalty to NCP if a court order is to be sought out after 9 years?

4.  What are NCP's rights as far as visitation is concerned when there is no court order in place?
If the CP and NCP have agreed on a monthly amount and no court was previously involved?

If the CP decides to take NCP to court, can the court actually decide that the agreement they both signed is void and order back support?

I am sure there are some hard feelings towards them, but here is are my thoughts:
I definitely look at my involvement with step child is that I have a right to have communication and decisions regarding him when he is at my house.
I also feel that a SP's should be allowed to speak with a birth parent (CP) regarding the child.
I don't understand why it's one sided when it comes to SP.
I always hear people say: it's between me and the ex...
or do not speak to me regarding my child, my ex can...
or something to that effect.
Well, the way I look at it, is I have established a relationship with this child, and I am the child's stepmother.
When he is in my home, I am an authority figure.
Everyone always says that step parents have no input in the child's life, and that they should know this when they marry their spouse, but how about the argument that a birth parent should know a possible step will help raise their child after they divorce?
Just wanted to hear everyone elses opinions on it, birth parents or step parents.
In my opinion, neither party ASKED for the situation, but both parties still love the child.