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Dear Socrateaser / Manatory mediation
Apr 27, 2006, 05:53:02 AM
Dear Socrateaser,

I divorced my ex in 2002, I had joint custody of our son who was 4 at the time.

In July of 2003, my ex claimed that our son didn't want to see me. She told me that he had a nightmare about me, that had scared him. When I talked to him on the phone, he said he was scared to see me.

I belived her, and requested that he go and see a counselor.
She set up a meeting with a counselor. We had to see her indvidually before she would meet with our son. Altogether we went to see this counselor three times, her on one day, me on another, and then we went together at the last meeting.

At this last meeting I dicovered that the reason my son didn't want to see me was because my ex. was accusing me of being an alcoholic, being depressed, and it was me that was causing him to not be doing well. This was news to me because I was unaware of him having any problems, and I was seeing him every day.

When I found out that I was being accused of these things, and it wasn't my son that didn't want to see me, but my ex'es plot, I walked out of that meeting with this counselor.

The day after this last meeting with the counselor she 'revoked' my visitation with him, via email.
When I protested she stoped answering the phone, I went over to her apt. and she wouldn't even let me in to see our son. Instead she called the police and told them that I threatened to kill her, (I didn't) no witnesses...her word against mine.

I was arrested for meancing, this was on August 3rd. She took out a restraining order so I couldn't see our son. This was in place before I bailed out of jail 3 days later. It took me 6 months, but I got the charges dropped.

According to my lawyer the DA dropped it 15 minutes after he found out that she just returned from a cross country trip to spend the weekend with her new boyfriend, and she hired a lawyer before my arrest.
She claimed the reason we went to see the counselor was to work out 'new' changes to the parenting plan.

I requested that the restraining order be modifyed, or droped so I could see our son in October, I filed it in both the criminal court and the family court. Both judges said it wasn't their jurisdiction leaving my request in limbo.

I also filed contempt charges, for my ex. not allowing me to see our son. This hearing was at the end of October. She walked into this hearing and claimed that I was refusing to see our son! To my amazement the judge dismissed the charges and admolished me for changing the parenting plan without putting it in writing, and submiting it to the court!

At about this time my ex wanted me to go into counseling with her. She said that it was all a big mis-understanding, and she wanted to communicate some things to me. I agreed to do this, but refused to use the counselor she used to project her issues onto me with, the one above.

When I insisted that we use a different counselor, her lawyer quoted some statue that said, if one of the parties claimed abuse, then there could be no forced counseling. They threatened, but never produced, evidence from an email I sent her, that I was abusive. We never went to counseling.

The one thing that this judge did do for me at the contempt hearing, was she got a hearing for my request of a modification to the restraining order set with the criminal judge. At this hearing in November my ex. requested, and was granted that I be in monitered visits with the counselor that we had used prior to my arrest. She told the judge that our son was afraid to see me.

I started seeing my son again for 1 hour monitored visits, once a week in December.

In November I also requested that a speical advocate be assigned to our case, which was set up at the restraining order hearing. The meancing charges were dropped in Febuaury 2004, and the advocate started her investagation in March.

I had 3 monitored visits before my ex changed her mind on the monitered visits. I took a camera, and a tape player to these visits, and recorded all of the smiles, fun, and laughing we had together. This visitation agreement was up for review after my 5th visit, and I was getting a lot of evidence that she was lying about my relationship with my son.

A temporary visitation schedule was drawn up. I was seeing him again 5 days a week for a total of 13 hours, no overnights, this started in January of 2004.

The special advocate finnished her report in April. I lost custody of our son, due to the 'conflict' between my ex and I. The counselor that I only saw for a total of 1 hour, claimed that I was depressed and using my son to fill a hole in my own life!

Another temporary visitation schedule was drawn up to the end of July 2004.
The judge requested that we use a mediator/arbitrator to resolve any of our future disputes, rather than going to court. I was pro-se for this hearing, and I agreed to this........

Having said all of that, my questions have to do with this forced mediation requirement.

Right now I am only seeing my son 5 hours a week. Our temporary visitation schedule has expired.  My ex is still letting me see our him for these 5 hours on Saturday, but we have no written agreement. According to the parenting plan that was written up at the special advocate hearing, we have to go through a mediator prior to any motions being filed.

1) If my ex. has refused to be in mediation with me because she says I am abusive, how can we be required to be in mediation now? Seems to me as though the laws change depending on what my ex. wants, or doesn't want.

2) Can I fight this requirement, if so how?

3) I don't want to use a mediator because I don't think I will get a fair shake. In your opinon is this idea true or false?

4) I can't afford the mediator we have, it could be a couple of years before I have the money for this.
Can my money situation be used to prevent me from seeing my son?

5) Since we don't have a legal visitation schedule, can I petition the court outside of the mediation requirement?

We all live in the same town in Colorado.

Thank you.....very much!
General Issues / Lawyer complaint
Apr 27, 2006, 01:20:23 PM
Is there a time limit on filing a complaint against a lawyer?
I live in CO.........thanks
Custody Issues / RE: You need to motion the court
Apr 25, 2006, 04:37:43 AM
Thanks for your suggestions 4honner, and mixedbag, I will prepare some questions for Socrateaser per his guidelines. There is a lot more to this than what I posted. It's confusing because the judges have ignored the (old)parenting plan, and just react to whatever my ex says, I don't know what my legal rights are anymore?
Custody Issues / Forced mediation
Apr 24, 2006, 02:51:32 PM

I divorced my ex in 2002, I had joint custody of my son who was 4 at the time. In August of 2003, my ex claimed that my son didn't want to see me, 'revoked' my visitation with him, via email. When I protested, she called the police, and told them that I threatened to kill her, no witnesses...her word against mine. I was arrested for meancing. She took out a restraining order so I couldn't see my son. I got the charges dropped, but lost custody of my son.
We had a temporary parenting plan put in place by the judge, but it expired July 2004. The judge required us to be in mediation in order to make any changes, or to handle any disagreements between us.
My question has to do with this forced mediation requirement.
During the period between when I was arrested, and the time I lost custody my ex wanted to see a mediator with me. I agreed to this, but when I refused to see the mediator she wanted to use, and suggested a different one, she claimed that I was abusive, and her lawyer quoted some law about how we couldn't be in mediation if one person claimed abuse.
I did my custody hearing pro-se, so I didn't realize when the judge asked me if I wanted to use a mediator to resolve our "issues", that I would be forced into a mediator "only" situation, with no legal recourse.
I am only seeing my son 5 hours a week because my ex needs a baby sitter.
How can the court entertain the idea that I am abusive, and not allow us to be in mediation, and then require me to be?
I can't afford to be in mediation, can this be used against could be a couple of more years for me to recover from the damages all of this has caused me?
Is there anything that I can do?
I live in Colorado.