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It would be a wonderful thing if we could all come together and support one another . Maybe if we did this we could get some justice for our children . The laws is not going to change by itself that i can promise . At the end of the day a child is fatherless and both child and father is heart Broken. And the MOTHER well she is a WOMEN and with all the RIGHTS. It is amazing how many ALIENATED FATHERS there are in the U.S land of the free for all  read the fine print  EXCLUDES ALL FATHERS . Fathers are ALIENATED by the mothers , courts , judges , lawyers and then god forbid if you are bothered with child support unit they can and will do more to you than you think. OH I forgot to mention the Mothers side of the family they to can ALIENATE the father and say mean and hateful things to the child about there FATHER who ever does this let me tell you - STOP IT YALL ARE HURTING OUR CHILREN we are not taking this anymore WE Are Fathers and proud of it We Can and Will SUPPORT Each Other ....NOW this is the beginning to make sure dads count to. Lets get Fathers Rights - Lets commite 10 minutes each day to write in  respone to someone to encourage a father to keep fighting a good fight for the children sake or to give someone advise lets do something Our children will thank us for this. Any father out there that has sons well do you want them to go through this????? this is our chance to make a difference for our sons future and to have better wife's for our sons.COMMIT NOW.
my child is 11 years old and at this point in this childs life i don't want to up root her she has been through alot according to the grandmother she took my child to the store everything seem to be okay but my child got scared and started running in the store and ran to the checkout  and was hiding and started crying and said "They going to get me" The grandmother had to talk her out and assure her that nobody was going to harm her.I think that the grandmother is best for her.I have a 8 year old daughter and doing good i am not sure what my 11 year old has been exposed to .In the past the mother has been with different men , in and out of drug rehab and has mental problems I ask myself what if i assume custody and i can't deal with these problems then what go back to court and ask them to place her back with her grandmother .My child has had enough of truma. My new family and i live 9 hours away.  would just like to sign my rights away and the grandmother file for adoption my child doesnot know me and i don't know her and i tryed to build a relationship in nov 2007 i drove 9 hours to Texas when i got there the mother wanted money from me she was already getting child support from me I refussed to give in to her i drove back 9 hours without seeing my child. I guess you can say I give up.
Thank-You for writing back the mother is not giving her mother NONE of the child support. And yes there is a child support order in place. I have never been allowed to visit my child or get the grandmother's address to send anything card gift nothing.I donot have child visitation order either. When i was called to appear in court it felt like in my best intrest i should do what Texas wanted me to and that is just agree to pay before they locked me up. Grandmother is not willing to contact Child Support because she is afraid the mother will come get the child. Knowing the mother like i do she is getting housing and food assitances.I drove 9 hours to see my child I had the mother's word if I made the trip there would be no problems to visit my child. Needless to say the mother wanted me to pay to see my child.I let the mother know that she was getting child support from me by refussing to give her money I didnot see my child. my child called me begging to do something i have to be honest i just didnot have the extra money to pay her.I did see my child 2 times -1 time at 1 month old and the other time 2 months old my child doesnot remember that. Child support has put a lein on my checking account Texas took ever penny i had $ 127.00 . i have been unemployed  and trying to find a job the only reason i had this money was because i take care of our 8 year old because my soon to be wife has a disabled daughter that goes in the hospital often and i need money to take care of food or something that needs to be paid. I am at the point i just don't know what to do.Mother has been in drug rehab and i believe that i am paying for her habit, I want out i got a life .it seems like a nightmare. I look forwaed hearing back from you.
i am sad for the child and everyone concerned this hurts the child so much .this mother is hurting a parent child relationship .good luck
  :D I have to pay child support (Texas) for over a year my child has lived with her grandmother Not the mother. Grandmother does not receive none of the child support for my child. my ? is does the mother have to answer to anyone in Texas ? The Grandmother doesnot want to contact Texas child support unit but i do i am tired of supporting a grown women this is not her money it belongs to my child. If mother is doing this wonder what the goverment is giving her free housing and food ETC. Could this be like child support fraud ? Please let me know!
Texas State Forum / Re: Signing over rights
Mar 01, 2012, 08:16:33 AM
As a Father i also want to sign my rights away. I have had 2 cotact visits once when my Daughter was 1 month old and at 2 months. THats it . I tryed to see my child in Nov.2007 but when i refussed to give money to the mother she went totally crazy. The sad thing  is she was already getting child support from me. I drove 9 hours for nothing and alot of wasted gas.
Can a mother get child support and not have the child? The mother of my child let her mother assume the care of my Daughter ? The grandmother will not let child support unit know this . I have ask for her help in this matter. Please help if you know.