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Review of "DadsDivorce Custody Calendar software"

A review of the "DadsDivorce Custody Calendar" software

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Review of "Where's Daddy?"

A review of "Where's Daddy?" by "K.C.". ISDN: 0-9674736-5-9

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Review Of the ''The Child Custody Book''

A review of "The Child Custody Book", by Judge James W. Stewart. ISBN 1-886230-27-7

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Review Of the ''Custodial/Non-Custodial Parent Record Keeper''

A review of the "Custodial/Non-Custodial Parent Record Keeper" by Janice M. Todd, $49.95, published by Cope More, Modesto CA.

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Review of Civil War - A Dad's Guide to Custody

A review of "Civil War: A Dads Guide To Custody", by Joseph E. Cordell, ISBN 0-9679499-0-4.
Available through this link: Civil War - A Dad's Guide to Custody.

In "Civil War: A Dads Guide To Custody", Joseph Cordell has compiled an extremely accurate yet succinct guide to the way things work in most divorce and custody battles. Mr. Cordell's writing is direct, in some cases almost blunt, but he clearly outlines the issues every divorcing father needs to keep in mind in a logical and down-to-earth fashion. In Chapter 1, Mr. Cordell writes that this book is "not a socio-philosophical discussion", and indeed it is not. Filled with practical and useable advice, Mr. Cordell relates some frank truths about how lawyers and judges really behave, and what is likely to influence them.

"Civil War: A Dads Guide To Custody" is true to it's name; written around a Civil War set of metaphors, the chapters sport titles like 'Civil War 101', and 'Gettysburg: The first Engagement'. Don't let the titles fool you- each chapter is a quick but thorough look at one or more key areas in divorce and custody disputes. Cordell covers everything chronologically, from the first moves to the last. Attention is given to settlements, custody, information gathering, depositions, and custody evaluations. There is an excellent section covering some of the common psychological tests given in evaluations; this one section could very well be worth the price all by itself.

Mr. Cordell takes a decidedly strategic view towards winning, with practical methods and attitudes that reach back as far as Sun Tzu's The Art of War, a book he quotes from in several places. This 'philosopher-warrior' approach is exactly what fathers need most when they become involved in divorce and custody issues, and Mr. Cordell does an excellent job of putting things in perspective using this allegory of events and counter-events.

This book is both a fast and practical manual of divorce, and would make an excellent companion piece to "Win Your Child Custody War".

Based on price as well as content, we rate Civil War: A Dads Guide To Custody as a 4-star resource (on a scale of 1 to 5).

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