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Jul 19, 2024, 09:42:43 PM

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Hope you don't mind me counting down here but I'm so excited about this!

Started by stepmomtwo1, Oct 05, 2004, 05:08:45 AM

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This is bad and understandable. You guy's X make my X look like a great women. But I know she is a nasty evil C**T of a nut job!

I was NOT judging just asking thats all!



...this is not my first set of steps. My former husband had 3 children & an ex. They lived with us on & off during our 12 year marriage.  It was a little crazy at times, a little bitchin' on both sides, but heck, it was NOTHING, AT ALL, EVER like the sheer evil that has come out of the biohags camp.
A few years ago Mr. KAT got into a heated verbal agruement with biohags adoptive dad (4 girls, no Dads, he adopted them all). It was over summer visitation which biohag had NONE, but LIED about it to everyone...boohoo. He made threats, it was pretty bad. A few months ago he called & left a message saying that he was very sorry for what he said. That he was given wrong information. (he never said who & he never actually said he was lied to...) That he knew Mr. KAT was a good man who would never do any of the things that was said about him and hoped that they could continue being friendly. He died a few weeks ago....finally, that man is at peace. To this day, those 4 girls, now in their 40's have NO idea who their bio fathers are. Mom won't give it up to anyone. So it's no wonder that father's are expendable to the biohag just as they were to her mother before her.... the cycle will probably continue...



>First of all when we give money to a woman who has not lifted
>a finger to work in over 15 years yes it is FREE money. We
>don't spend the amount she gets for a month for one child  on
>the five that live with us every day. It's just plain silly.
>Then she takes us back to court because she has shown a "need"
>for more money? Has this woman ever tired to support her child
>like my husband does? By going to work every day? No. I can
>see being a stay at home mom when your children are young but
>when their old enough you can get a job and work but you just
>refuse to. That is plain lazy and wrong. ECT ETC ETC.
>And when I say Hag I mean the mother of this child who really
>does not care at all about her. The girl was pulled out of
>school at 16 because she was failing all her classes but Art
>and she had sex with every boy who would have her and would
>walk down the hall and kids would call her horrible names. I
>say it is the moms fault. She was the one letting her go to
>parties when she was just 12, letting her have boy girl
>parties at her house on New Years Eve when the kid had just
>gotten a report card with four F's.

Are you sure that this isn't two of my daughters.  My ex-wife withdrew my eldest from school at 17 as a sophomore, the next daughter will be 16 in January, wonder what will happen to her when she finds out that she can withdraw herself from school at 18 without her mothers approval...  wondering now if she will be able to manipulate my dim-witted ex-wife to sign her withdrawal forms too.

>The child decided long ago that she didn't like our house
>because it came with rules and she hates rules of any sort.
>Ask the teachers who wrote her up for giving them the finger
>from the bus window or the teacher who told us he only passed
>her with a "D" because she was out of control and didn't ever
>listen to him and he didn't want her back in his class to make
>it up again the next year.

Wow, again, are you sure your husbands ex-wife isn't one in the same with my ex-wife.  My second oldest daughter (the one who's going to be 16 this January) got straight F's last year.  Her mothers response was, let's just say "Nothing".  This year, she's actually passing a class, she's getting better, but how is it that you don't pass GYM?

>So yes my dh does know how I feel about his daughter. Every
>step child is not abused and mis treated. There are many who
>play games with their parents to get their own ways and who
>kick anyone in the teeth who gets in the path of what they
>want. This child is one of them. Dh is embarrassed of how this
>child is and every time someone offers some other little bit
>to us about her he cringes and knows just why he hates his ex.
>He loves this child but can't do a darn thing to make anything
>better for her if the ex won't help. The ex has told her ever
>since dh and I met that if he loves me and our kids then he
>doesn't love her. What a screwed up bunch of crap! This woman
>truly is warped. He loves all his children. Does she tell step
>daughter that she loves her less because she re-married and
>had another child? Oh I guess not this is the same woman who
>told us that sd is a half sister to our kids but a whole
>sister to her other child because they live in the same house.
>Yeah...that's right if you live with a sibling their a whole
>sibling and if you don't then your just a half sibling. I
>can't even imagine what she uses for a brain.
>I too am a step child. My dad remarried and I never even
>thought of treating my step mom the way I have been treated.
>First of all it would have never been tolerated by my mom or
>my dad.  I lived on both sides of the fence and can say that I
>tired for 5 years to deal with this child and love her and she
>was bad! There was no making her mind for four days a month
>when her skank mom wouldn't lift a lazy finger to lay down the
>law. One day when she is older and matures a little she might
>look back know she was wrong. I just hope she lives long
>enough for that to happen. Right now at 17 she stays out all
>night,runs with a bad crowed and is just out of control. Her
>mom is too dim witted to even try to save her daughter and we
>don't have the finances to try to fight the system and get
>this child where she will be safe.
>I don't mean to sound harsh but if you have never walked a
>mile in my shoes don't judge. I know just what Kat is talking
>about and what she has gone through. We tried and tried and
>finally gave up and are just waiting it out now and soon the
>long awaited day will come and we will be out of their lives
>just like they wanted in the first place. Money and all.


Ours didn't even pass THAT! He was suppose to end the 9th grade (for the SECOND TIME) with 16 credits, he had 1. For that D in Science I guess, the rest were F's. That's what happens when you take every single Monday & Friday off. And when you get suspended for 10 days for selling dope in school...just make it an even 14. School is 108 days, he missed 57. Does the ex care? Nah, heaven forbid the kids should do something she wasn't able to do...even being in the SPED class.

I hate hearing this stuff, it really tanks my token. EDUCATION is SO important & it was stressed to these kids from day ONE. But I guess it's like the saying goes "Don't worry, Mommy will love you all the way to Attica Dear".




That is what scares me the most for my SDs.  They come from a family of divorce.  At least back to their great-grandparents in both BM's family and my husband's, every marriage has ended in divorce.  SDs spend a LOT of time with BM's mom, who is currently on her 6th or 7th marriage.  And the Dads--even as far back as the great-grandparents--have not been in the picture.  (Some of that has been the Dad's fault, some of it has been Mom's.)  What chance do they have?


And really, these are just my thoughts...it depends which set of genes they have governing their morals. Sadly, ours are lost. It was an amazing transformation however. Once puperty it was a huge light came on. It really WAS easier being a scammer. Leading an upright moral life was just too hard. This wasn't just teen rebellion, I'd been there, done that, played that game with my now adult son. It was full blown slide into the dark side. A full out & out personality change (or lack there of). Something kicked in & it was scary. Part of it was certainly brain washing but dangnabit I feel alot had to do with their genetic makeup. Lying as smooth as butter, heck, that's an art form that isn't learned, it's inherited! No conscience, no remorse...soul-less.
So as for chances, I'd say 50-50. :(  Biohag never knew her father & at 37 her mother refuses to tell ALL the sisters (4 of them) who their real Dads are. So to bio, Dad's are expendable...she inherited that not only as a product of environment but as a genetic trait...(sociopathic).

"The World of Personality Disorders
volume 5" says the sociopath is "emotionally retarded" .

..." believed to be partially responsible for the sociopathic disorder in some cases is the primary socialization of individuals within dysfunctional environments, such as abusive, poorly educated, or poverty stricken homes For years, this was thought to be the primary cause of sociopathy.  But as knowledge has increased in the area of neuroscience, it has been realized that this is possibly only a secondary cause.  Therefore, it can be said that the type of brain the sociopath was born with and/or the environment in which it was nourished forms the sociopath "(Andreasen, 1984 The Broken Brain: The Biological Revolution in Psychiat . New York: Harper & Row Publishers.)