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Jul 19, 2024, 09:29:38 PM

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Can CS take income from 2nd job?

Started by bopeeponprozzak, Oct 25, 2004, 09:46:25 AM

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First of all, I am uing my wifes login because I couldnt sign up with ym yahoo or hotmail addresses.

CS is currently withholding income for my CS obligations from my one part time job.  I am about to start another part time job, and am wondering if the state of MN can also withhold income from this second place of emplyment.



To be a bit more precise....

I currently pay an approximate $430 a month for three children and back support  - all of which is withheld from my 1st part time job.

Can they also take an additional amount if I am to get a 2nd part time job?


Some States can and some can't.  Your best bet is to be quiet about the 2nd job so the ex doesn't know.  Here's a site that you can try and find it.  From what I've read on there so far, it seems that MN is a lot like FL and if your second job is to support a second family, it can't be considered in the original CS order.



Our state automatically withholds income for ALL CS orders.  I'm not sure about all the specifics, but every time my husband has changed employers, within a month there is a new withholding order through the new employer--they must report all new employees to the state who checks for CS orders or something like that.  So it doesn't work to just hide the info from the CP.  My husband has never held two jobs at once, so I don't know what would happen there....  I have little enough faith in CSE to believe they would order withholding again and leave you to fix the mess--but I just don't know for sure.

Is $430 the ordered amount or just the max they can withhold?  My husband has 50% of his paycheck withheld, but it does not cover the ordered amount every month, so conceivably they could take more from job #2, if he had one.

Is the ordered amount based on full-time income or just the income from one part-time job?  If the amount is based on just your current part-time income, CP could request a modification to include income from a second job and raise CS.

Hope this answers your question....