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Jul 14, 2024, 06:22:24 PM

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CSD vent

Started by oklahoma, Dec 11, 2004, 01:55:46 PM

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OK, so a few months ago, caseworker called my husband completely out of the blue, because she noticed he was not paying the ordered amount.  Well, duh!  The ordered amount was way more than it should have been and we could not afford it (a whole other story I have already shared here.)  So caseworker offered to send a modification form.  Wahoo :)  We filled it out and sent it in as soon as we had a new parenting plan signed (adding 92 overnights.)  Then we sat back and waited and waited and waited.

Finally on Monday we received a copy of the modified amount.  It went down almost $200 month.  What a relief!!  But as I looked more closely at the paperwork, I noticed caseworker calculated CS based on 62 overnights instead of 92--makes a difference of about $80/month.  So frustrating.  Where do these people come up with these numbers?!?  It's not worth us trying to rock the boat to save that extra $80, but they'll hear about it if BM appeals.....