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Jul 18, 2024, 05:03:48 AM

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Kat....we have 14 days less then you..When do we start planning our big bash?

Started by stepmomtwo1, Apr 04, 2005, 09:27:00 AM

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It seems like forever ago since I posted that we had a year and a half left and here we are both going to be done with cs in just a few short months. YEAH!! My dh's pay will cover all our bills and we will still have money left over. I'll still work but we won't have to depend on my income and can use it for things we both want, a new van, dh wants to go on a hunting trip to Colorado with some friends, we can actually afford to pay for cheerleading that our dd is doing. I won't have to skip a house payment in a 5 pay month just to buy school clothes. I can use what we paid her and buy for all four of the school age kids with no problems. :)

Finally we can see the end of the rainbow....isn't it grand?


ONLY 157 more days to go!!! YIPPEEEE!!! I'm getting a new Jeep (other one is a 92 with 175k on her). Putting up a 2 story garage for DH, enclosed trailer for the back of the Jeep (gotta haul wood!) getting a face lift (man, what only 5 years of stress can do to a lady!!).

Know what really tanks my token here? She told her husband (idiot took her back after kicking her out) that Mr. KAT stopped support last year when (former) SD turned 18 & because SS wasn't in HS anymore (oh, wait, we never MADE IT to high school). She didn't pay the bills, not sure what she did with all that money.....but he believed her, he still does. I guess wayward SS was causing problems in their marriage so she shipped him off to OH to be with her mother. So she's getting all that support money for NOTHING. Guess I'm kinda wondering if she isn't paying the bills now what is she going to do in 5 or so months when she NO INCOME (doesn't work, never has). How ya' gonna pay for the drugs??

Yup, it's grand!!!!!! The sun is starting to come out!!!  I half expect her to show up here demanding something once she finds out her checks aren't flowing anymore. Just watch, I bet she does..Mr. KAT says No, but I haven't been wrong YET!!! I've already sent a copy of SS school records to CSE so she can't say he's back in school. CSE was nice about it....."I am sending her a letter stating that child support stops 7/05". DOOOH!! *snicker*

Let the party begin!!!!

:) :) :)