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Jul 19, 2024, 09:44:19 PM

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VICTORY & JUSTICE, unusual support case

Started by myrtle, May 03, 2005, 10:24:36 AM

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The case has been going on since September, 2004.  We just got the decision from the judge today.  I'll try to summarize, but it's a long story.  DH is the father of 3 (ages 27, 19, 15).  He got primary placement of the two oldest.  BM got primary placement of the youngest.  So Dad raised the two oldest and was denied child support.  He filed but was denied even though he was raising 2 and she was raising only 1.  So last year 2nd oldest reached emancipation and BM files for child support from Dad for the remaining child.  BM's income is 3 times DH's, so it was clearly not out of need but out of greed and vindictiveness.  She has made our lives a living "heck" for 12 long years.  We have barely enough money to pay the bills due to layoff, and can't find work here.  Our house is up for sale, because we will probably lose it!  Youngest stepdaughter has everything she needs and more.  Yes, we all must be responsible for supporting all of our children, but she did not provide one penny toward the support of the two oldest, and this is clearly more a matter of equality and ethics.

Anyway, the good news is that the judge did deny her child support.  We just wish now she would get on with her life and leave us alone, although it's probably just going to get worse now.  We are just very sad that the children were hurt by this as she put them in the middle.  They have been affected with PAS as her favorite passtime is talking badly to them about their father.  She has caused us a great deal of pain and suffering!  I really hope it's over.

Thanks for listening