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Jul 18, 2024, 03:43:46 AM

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after school care passed as activity?

Started by too_short, Sep 08, 2005, 04:50:19 PM

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Okay, ex has history of enrolling 10 year old son in after school programs, collecting additional cs from it, and pulling him out without notifying me. Never filed any exceptions to it... I should have. Live out of state -- they live in NC.

Now ex moved in with her parents and filed for more cs and has put son in an after school martial arts program. Originally claimed it was after school care, that gps never agreed to watch son after school, but now argument has change (probally because she realised that gps are watching the infant and so can watch my son). Ex claiming it is an activity: $350 a month. This activity will be from 3-6pm M-F; I can't imagine kids doing 3 hours every day of nothing but martial arts. I found karate classes in their area that meets 3 days a week and is free. Will forward the info. to ex.

So what are your thoughts/caveats? Think ex will pull this off?



No, 3-6 is an after-care program. If she is not working these hours then fight it.  I would ask to get the phone number of this place and call and find out for yourself. I would also bring up that she tends to pull him out after court so from now on you would like to pay half of any cancelled checks that she has. Then always verify with the program that it is paid. Bring all your evidence to court with the other options in her area. Good luck!