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An intresting and informative read

Started by babyfat, Nov 08, 2007, 06:24:28 AM

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I have my boyfriends statement of support obligation from WV  right here it has If i'm understanding it correctly He is charged $300.40 pr months taken out of his weekly check divided to $86.65 per week they charge him $5.93 in intrest and he owes no back support. So I guess because he is suppose to pay that amount at the start of the month and it takes the whole month to pay it they charge him intrest on what he hasn't had paid from the start of the month?? It is just listed as "Child Support Intrest" doesn't say who gets it. There is also a something that says "Fees= no intrest charged on Fees and then it says 0.00 across from that. Maybe some are charged a fee and some don't get charged a fee or maybe they are charging him a fee by charging intrest. It does not say who gets the almost 6 bucks and him and the ex don't talk with out a third party present or shall I say through a third party so who knows if she gets it.


O.KI., mine has no line for "interest" or fees...

It says:

Current Child Support Obligation:  $XXX.00

Amount of Curent CS Collected for the Mongh:  $XXX

Amount of Arrearages Collected for themonth:  $XXX

Total Amount Collected for the Month:               $XXX (which is the sum of the two amounts above)

Of this amount, the total amount kep by the state or collected on the last day of the month:                                     $XXX

The total amount sent to you:                           $XXX (just the first payment).

Then it has an asterisk:  

This amount may include money collected on the last business day of October.  If so, it should be sent to you the first buiness day of November.  The check will be reflected on your next statement.  Also, payments received from IRS Joint tax refunds will be held up to 6 months.

I can't put in real figures -- because my EX and Camilla still read and print my posts.

Real figures don't matter anyways.  

Even the statement for September said the same thing -- and no "interest" listed or fees.  Except in September it did say he was "$XXX behind" which was true but not his fault totally as we were just getting everything in place.

Baby, I think you should call on Tuesday -- they're probably closed tomorrow -- and find out why he's being charged interest.  

IMHO....of course.


I think what the difference is may be that your a payee and reading from what you receive and my boyfriend is a payor. Yours would not have intrest or fees printed on it because those arent payed by you but by your ex. See I believe that since they aren't telling you what the intrest is (and if he was behind he had to pay intrest even if only for a month) it's because your probably not ever going to see it. If he is reading this I'd love to know if he did have to pay interest and where that money went.

Yeah I think my boyfriend does need to call them because a few times I noticed it only had 3 payments listed when they take it out of his paycheck every friday and all months have 4 fridays in it then The following month only had 4 when if that was the case there should have been 5 the next month. I've also noticed if there are 5 fridays in a month I've never seen the 86 bucks taken off 5 times and it is taken out of every check no matter how many fridays are in a month.

The one thing I hate is that the statement doesn't have total amount paid for the year on it because I could then compair that to what his check has for that line (each deduction on his paycheck has a total for the year) and make sure the two numbers match. The statement itself is kind of confusing cause the way it is written it looks like he owes more at the end of the month than what he started with but actually doesn't because he has paid 4-5 times and the 4th and 5th payment aren't on there but the next month the starting bal is 0.00. It is so confusing.


Well, he reads, so maybe he'll share.

And maybe I have a phone call to make too on Tuesday -- to ask those very questions....

leon clugston

Texas Cooperative Agreements, between the AG and the Courts
Section5.1.1- Duty to employ Associate Judges for Title IV-d cases
all cases entered before child support enforcement division, by a judge or a private person is put on a IV-d application.
OCA, as provided by the laws of Texas,shall employ not more than 47 and 3/4 quarters full time equivalent Associate Judges for Title IV-d cases (hereinafter*Associate judges*) These Associate judges shall be appointed by the presiding judges of the Administrative Judicial Regions of Texas to assure the timely disposition of cases involving the establishment and enforcement of title IV-d child support obligations. All associate judges shall be **devoted exclusively to the adjudication of title IV-d cases**specified in section 8 of this agreement

The attorney general for Texas holds the burden on all pays of all entities involved in the Agreements, compcontroller, judges, assistants and so forth..etc.. and said monies is funded through the feds for performance,,its lengthy, will have to post another time.


Most states charge a handling fee.  Some are low, but that is passed on to whomever is receiving.  In other words, if your ex is paying $200 a month in CS, the total amount collected was $215, or something like that.  Now that doesn't sound like much, but think of all the cases they handle.  Most states handle several thousand cs cases per county, so if you multiply that by the total number collected in the states, the number is nice and fat.

Interest isn't collected by all states, just most states.  And the interest may or not be passed on to the receiver, just depends on the state and the handling of funds.

Even SC adds on a handling fee.