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Jul 19, 2024, 08:36:01 PM

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Wife just told me that she wants a divorce

Started by 40somthing, Jun 02, 2007, 10:31:38 PM

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It's 12 midnight, Wife got home from work at Wal-Mart, said she would be very happy if we were divorced, but still friends.  We just had out 20th anniversary, and we have a 6 year old daughter.  I don't want to lose my daughter.

We have no violence at all in the home, very agreeable, like a partnership.  I need to know my options to get custody of my daughter.  Wife is from Panama in Central America, has not been there in years, but I fear she may leave with my daughter and go to Panama.

I need a real good attorney.  I am already seperating the finances and protecting the documents.

I really don't want a divorce from the financial impact stand point, more cost for day care, etc..



Sorry for the delay. It is better to post on the main boards here and put your state in your post. People don't come here that often.

My first bit of advice is to not leave the house and not to let the child leave your custody. You hear too many times where mom needs a break and wants to take the kid to gma's and they never return.

Don't leave your home and do as much of the parenting as possible and have it documented. Talk to your child's school about her well being. Take her to the Dr. etc....

You need a good FAMILY LAW attorney. Preferably one with Fathers Rights background. DH used a fantastic one in Escambia County. If you are near there, let me know and I will give you his information. His practice covers surrounding counties as well.

Also, talk to all the lawyers in the area that offer free consulations. This is helpful because you can get a flavor for what different types of practices are out there.

Good Luck and come back and post on one of the main boards.



Speak with some attorneys but, be clear as to what u want. there are many who will try to encourage you to settle for non-primary residence (non-custodial parent) keep in mine that some one may be telling her what to do.....you maybe able to write up a plan and have a parellegal draw up the divorce papers that may position you for custody if she doesnt agree with it now....PROTECT  YOURSELF!!  she maybe socialble and friendly now but, things can change quickly..nd you wont even recognize this person who once loved you....She could just want more attention from you take her out somewere she would like to go....or you file for divorce first and then send her on a plane to visit her relativesbefore she is served leaving your daughter with you (oneway ticket of course) just joking...try to save your marriage but, PROTECT YOURSELF.....the state of florida will completely destroy your family and your relationship with your daughter


I don't know the website, but you can do some internet search for it. But you can register your daughters name...then you'll be notified if a passport has been started or requested...