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Jul 19, 2024, 08:04:58 PM

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why arn't we all working together ?

Started by drew5111, Jul 30, 2008, 12:41:20 PM

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what the hell is wrong with all of us ?  We all complain about what our spouse is doing to us ,and how damn expensive a lawyer is and we can't afford to get one.We in our own perspective states have the resorces that we need to go to battle for our children!there are tens of thousands of us in each state,and what we are not getting is that combined we have an unlimited resorce of knowledge and more important money to fight for the lives and saftey of our children.Do you people realize that if each one of us dedicated at least a dollar a week to our fight for our children and our rights as a good parent, we could turn it all upside down and set a new presidence in court for the rights of our children!I for one am so very tired of crying myself to sleep at nite because i have no idea how ,or even where my children are.I'm sick of the courts just letting thes parents get away with taking children away from their other parent with no real reasons other than spite, or revenge.Our children deserve to have both parents in their lives without having to get permission from a bitter spouse to see them.And the system needs to be put in check,and be forced to look further into a case before determining what is really in the best interest of the children.when do they get releif from all the crap going on with us ,and our petty differances?
If there are any others out there that really want to do for your kids and not just fight the battle with the ex,or if there are any lawyers out there that realize that im right. please contact me at [email protected].
we need to put a stop to the abuse of our children for the gain of power over our ex's.that is just plain stupid.We could be starting a foundation for the rights and safty of children caught up in devorce. force a custody that the children can live with 50/50 across the board!Would you be fighting over it if you were not divorced?/separated?Unless you did something bad to your children you should be a major part of their lives, so that they can grow up and make a good life for themselves


Haven't been back here in quite some time...  Nothing has changed much at all. Here or in my case to be a father to my son.  I retained an attorney for petition of paternal rights and to establish child support and visitation. I did it in July of 2006. I was not married to his mother , though we did have a very close relationship (eg: lived together,loved each other. We were together for 2 years up until the birth of our son. This child was highly anticipated by both of our very close families. It was too perfect for all of us and destined to last forever. Incompatibility set in as soon we left the hospital with our son. Ive heard of PPS but never experienced it with my daughters mother. My daughter is the child's sister who was also very involved in the pregnancy and spent every day  besides school days with us in our shared rental house. Everyone was VERY close to say the least.  Long story short, Our child was not to be seen by anyone unless by appointment,especially family. Our   newborns  big sister  wasn't allowed to hold him and I was forbidden to change him,or get very close to him at all. Co-parenting was not on her agenda and i was told to move out after the first week he was home from the hospital. In October of 2006 while at work I received a certified informing that she had moved to Connecticut and that this was in her best interests. We lived in Florida. I haven't seen our child since that time and we all know what year it is now. Even with legal reprsentation and myself being the Petitioner I have managed to get nowhere after a very long time. So, [email protected], you sound like almost all of the fathers that Ive read about on this site. Good Luck in your foundation formation, hope I can help.


Hi ,  I am so sorry to hear what has happened to you and your children.unfortunatly you are the only one that even responded to my post.I do not think that anyone realizes what a driving force we could be together.I understand that there are tens of thousands of us out there in the same perdicament.We all have rights but can't even get heard because the court system does not even care what happens to our children anymore.And now they wonder why we have so many children out there that are killing and steeling.If they would only look at what our children are going through with the decision of the courts mostly based on lies from the other parent.If i were you, i would go to conneticut and sue her up there for visitation or custody.florida is the worst state for this as it is almost always on the mothers side even if she is a crack head.I'm here and can't get any where with it even though D C F  and the boca police dept.have sighned off on us saying that the accusations are unfounded and see no reason to continue with there investigation.This is a bad state my friend and the only way it will ever change is if we all bannded together and made it known that our own systems are failing our children and creating a country of haters.