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Jun 19, 2024, 11:38:13 PM

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FOC changes

Started by antonin, Feb 13, 2004, 08:05:21 AM

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According to MI FOC website, the following changes occurred to FOC guidelines. Apparently they did not mess with the cubing thing, etc.
Does anyone know where I might find what changes were made to # 2 and #3?

On December 24, 2003, the Supreme Court determined that the substantive changes related to (1) determining medical support and health care coverage options, (2) setting child support before determining spousal support, and (3) deviation were to be included in the next Michigan Child Support Formula Manual. The Court was not pursuaded to make any other substantive changes at this time.



I get all sorts of updates from them on meetings and especially the FOC changes...


they have an online newsletter you can join, membership is also cheap.  They're very active in the FOC guidelines changes.  The last two meetings have had various judges invited for a forum.

I don't attend because we live in Illinois but are under Michigan's jurisdiction.


I have been to a few DAD of Michigan meetings.
Their new web site is wierd: when I try to email them, I get my email returned.
Their new forum was inactive for 2 months: there have been 2 posts (the first ones) in the last 2 days> I am wondering how TGB got the info on the meeting at the capitol: it's not on their site.


I don't like the new site.  Some of the pictures are creepy.

Are the meetings any good?  My DH's jurisdiction is MI although we live in IL.  Having Tuesday night meetings makes it impossible for us to attend.

Anyway, here's an email address that I have from them for newsletters and where I also got info on the legislative goings on.  They were sending out mass mailings about the meetings and other legislative stuff.

[email protected]


YEAH....weird pictures. I attended heavily in 2001-2002 and campaigned on the proposed "presumption of joint physical custody" bill that eventually died in the legislature.
I lost heart after that. one thing that bugged me was they would have attorneys come in and speak briefly.......it was really just a gimmick for the attorneys to drum up business and none of the attorneys were particularly known for being great custody lawyers.


The SCAO has removed the proposed changes from thier website.   Luckily I have printed copies.  

#2   previously Spousal support was deducted from the payer's income and added to the payee's income prior to calculation of child support.   With the change, Child support is calculated before Spousal support is calculated.  

#3 clarifiies when the court can deviate from the Child Support guidelines.   I will have to dig out the printout of the proposed changes in order to list them.   I'll post later.


In other words, not only is the CS not income for the CP, but neither is alimony, although it certainly is according to the IRS. What the h*** are those fools doing!

Please post them when you get them (the deviation guidelines)

Thanks for your help.


I would be VERY interested in these when you find them!  Thanks SO much!!!


yes. They stayed away from the cubing thing, but I have a feeling they used other areas to increase CS and make it easier to get an increase. Certainly calculating CS before alimony is deducted will hurt many.


When did these changes go into effect?  Is there any grandfathering of them, or is everones cs up to modification because of them?


I think July...do not know about the grandfather stuff....FOC does its best to keep everyone in the dark.