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Apr 12, 2024, 05:18:43 AM

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WE WON!!!!!!!

Started by hisliltulip, Jan 05, 2004, 01:07:59 PM

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Attorney just called me. He spoke with the court recorder and was told that the judge has made her decision on yss (5).

DH gets physical custody!

This has been a long haul, been at for nearly three years, but it's finally going to happen now!

Now DSS gets to live in a home with parents that care about him and his future!

If anyone is looking for a great attorney in the SE MN area, get a hold of me! Ours is fantastic!



Congratulations! One child saved in our area! This was with Judge Johnson right? I had just recently found a guy who got custody of his daughter right before Christmas, and Johnson was the judge!

Congrats to your whole family!

Linda and Chris


congratulations to you and your DH! Good to hear that at least one child of a family in this forum will have a chance at growing up in a solid caring environment...


Congratulations!  That's so good to hear.  I dang near cried.

We have our evidentiary hearing next week and I'm ready to throw in the towel.  DH's attorney deposed BM and her "fiance" and they lied through the whole thing.  Lies upon lies upon lies.  Plus her attorney is calling the county evaluator in their favor.  DH's attorney doesn't seem to have any game plan - at least none that we're aware of and told DH last week that he should have made a deal earlier.  <>

So, we'll obviously go in to court and already have lost.  :(
Congratulations!  It's nice to know there's still attorney's out there who care about the welfare of the children.


I'm so happy for you! I wish we lived in your area, becuase I definitely could use a referral for a good atty!


Yep, it was Judge Johnson.

I think she's getting tired of the women that think that they should have their kids JUST because their the Mother!

Let's just hope that BM does nothing stupid when she finds out.  She has DSS now, and will still have him when the papers are due to arrive the end of this week.

Pray for us, we have children to protect.



Thank you, I'm hoping that this is atleast a little victory in the MN system.  That's one thing with the Midwest, antiquated thinking...



BM and her "Fiance" (funny, I don't remember seeing a ring on her finger...  But there was one on mine!)  Lied outrageous lies too.  Luckily, our Attorney caught them in a bunch of them.

If you feel that your Attorney has no game plan, I'd meet with him again and start asking him specific questions of what his plan is.  That way, you know what he's thinking and may be able to give him input.  Lord knows I gave ours plenty!

Some info he used, others he said to leave alone.  He did stress her bad-mouthing DH to DSS.

Let me give YOU some advice that I feel was priceless from our Attorney.

As the Step-Mother (New-Woman), act like the sweet and compassionate person you (I am certain) are.  Don't outright bad mouth the BM.

When talking about how your Husband is with the children, be natural.  SMILE!  Tell them about the ooey-gooey Daddy stuff that he does.  That helps in showing that "even though" he is male, he is still a nurturer.

Reading to the kids, singing to them, helping with homework, ect.  That's what a Judge wants to hear.

Don't give up, we nearly did, and are sooooo happy we didn't.

My prayers are with you!



I know that you have been going through a tough time.  I especially feel for those children.  She does seem to love to bounce them around and stick them in the middle doesn't she?

Keep us informed, I've been watching your posts.  Rarely respond because I feel that I don't have any pertinent (sp?) information that I can relay to you to help you.  Just know that I'm rooting for you guys!



I'm still not too optimistic about it.  I'm not sure why they'd even want me as a witness (which, it appears that BM's attorney has me on his witness list.  What for?  I can only fathom.)  I'm not the "new woman", I've been in their lives for almost 5 years now.  DH and BM have been divorced for quite some time.  Her drinking and behavior has prompted a new custody battle.  Which is why it's even more troublesome because it would be to CHANGE a custody order, which is pretty dang hard to do.  Topped with giving the father full physical custody (he now has them 9.5 months out of the year.  Educational year.. go figure.  Since she doesn't want anything to do with it.), we'll probably see armegeddon before we see that changed..

I will take your advice to heart.  I have nothing to say about BM... at all.  Good or bad.  I'm certainly not going to say anything GOOD.  Because there isn't anything.


what county is she in ?


We have been pretty much doing this ourselves after racking up our 1st lawyer's bill, after taht I thought I could have said things way better than he did, so I have been preparing DH for everything now.  Things got a little hairy at this last hearing and Thank goodnesss we all settled.

We won custody of my DH's children too.  Then they were 4 & 5 now 7&6.
I could always use a good attorney in that neck of the woods, as NCP/BM has unlimited FREE Legal Aide,lives in your county now but didn't then, so it doesn't bother her a bit to drag us to court.  We want to change the venue from Rice to Dakota.

Are you willing to give up your attorney's name?  or email me with it?

Congratulations, I am very happy to hear you guys did it!! Do the kids know yet??..just "beware"....speaking from experience...BM's  DONOT like to hear that they just lost custody.  She will do everything in her power to make your lives miserable.  It will die down eventually just don't get overly excited when she decides to spit nails at you.

Good Luck and God Bless your family!!



BM did return SS yesterday.  It seemed a toss-up since the Judge did not specify in the papers if we were to follow the old agreement through the weekend (getting him back on Sundays) or to use the new judgement (returned to school on Monday mornings).

Since he had not been in school last week, we were worried that she may have left town with him again.

It was great to have him back.  DH was ecstatic to see him, and DS was overjoyed to have someone "cool" to play with (Mommy and Step-Daddy just don't cut it sometimes!).

Anyway, very happy :7