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Jul 19, 2024, 08:32:09 PM

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Custody issue and questions

Started by AuntieB, Apr 06, 2004, 04:53:30 PM

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I am an Aunt of a 2 yr. old. My neice lost custody due to leaving him and his older brother alone at night. Children Services took the kids and gave one back to his father and the other to the Legal Grandma (LG). Hubby and I filed a motion to intervene before the adjudication/dispostion hearing due to NO HELP from Children Services. The Legal Father also lost custody due to drug issues. A GAL was assigned to the case and met with us and LG. The decision from the GAL was for us to recieve temp. custody. When we arrived at court we sat through the adjudication hearing and never got to the disposition hearing due to the GAL requesting genetic testing. We are now going on week 6. My neice recieved a cert. letter but was unable to pick it up. She is thinking this is about the testing.

My questions are

1) How much longer is it going to take for the courts to get the results?

2) In Ohio Law...will we recieve custody if LF isn't biological father since he stated in court he seen the child once to twice a month plus his drug issues?

sherrie ohio

It took about 6 weeks for my husband to get his results back,and they did come cert.letter.They also give you a certain amount of time to respond.They gave him 14 days from the date on the letter to file written ojections to the introduction into evidence of the results.If he isnt the father they will most likely look for the real one,and see what the situation is with him before making a ruleing.