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May 28, 2024, 08:18:38 PM

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info on visitation guidelines in ......

Started by sherrie ohio, Aug 20, 2005, 07:07:49 PM

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sherrie ohio

I didnt mean to sound ungrateful for the info,it was very helpfull.It gets to be a headache dealing with his ex.She wants us to take their daughter every weekend during school except, thanksgiveing and christmas weekends or when she's mad.Summer time its three weekends a month.My husband is the total support going into their home.It only changes when the other childs father pays.He supports the children,ex and new husband.We have dealt with her haveing lice,smelling and lack of food in the home.The child is at and age her school peers are noticeing she's not clean and  she's acting like she is 5 or 6 and they are teasing her.It all tends to get to you.All her mother wants from us is income and us to take her weekends when she's got plans,wich is most weekends.We most likely wont get half of what he'd like.The school stated the only thing they give him is a copy of her report card,nothing else.We asked already.And there isnt any court order stateing he isnt allowed to have it.My husband pays out the butt in support and hardly ever see's anything new on this child.But mom and step-dad you do.Sorry to go on and on it gets to be a nightmare.Hope you all have better luck than us with ex's.            Thanks again!!


Bring the fact that the school or the BM aren't giving you the information you request and ask the judge to order the school to give you (or your DH) any information you request.  Bring up those things about her smelling and the other things you mentioned...it might cost you more $$ though.  You may have to get the child a GAL.  It might wake the BM up and make her take better care of her child.  You might also mention that you take the child quite often and ask that your child support reflect that.  I didn't think you sounded ungrateful...just frustrated...I know the feeling.  I hope it works out for you and your DH...when is your court date?  Keep us posted!  Good luck!

sherrie ohio

It was the principal that told us they could only give us a copy of the grade card.We are trying a differant route through her new teacher.We went to a meet and greet so to speak at school a couple days ago and met her.We didnt say one word bad about mom,he told her who we were.And asked alot of questions about their daughter.She seemed a little more forth comeing about what was going on.And offered info that we had no idea was going on with the child.To be honest my husband doesnt mind paying the support if he seen more of a reflection that it was doing his daughter some good and not just mom.He feels he's the only one that will make shure she'll have what she needs through life.As to a GAL there was one in the past and he more or less wipe his hands clean of the case and asked out.Right after she had a big time fit in the court room and wouldnt agree to anything.She does things like that alot and they still feel best that it stay as she being res. parent.Mainly because my husband didnt know that their daughter was his untill she was around 1 and a half 2.And we lived out of state for a few years.We came back because of his daughter.Here i go telling my life story,sorry!Its nice to talk to someone who has some idea what your going through.Thanks.