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Jul 19, 2024, 09:31:29 PM

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Public Speeches to Virginia Legislators -BE THERE!

Started by mmaines, Dec 31, 2008, 01:11:35 PM

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Jan 10, 2009 9am
Fairfax County Gov't Building, Fairfax, Va.
Over 20 Registered Speakers as of yesterday within hours of initial posting of announcement.
3 minute speeches each
Locally Televised, and Privately Recorded for upload to You Tube

copy of Announcement being broadcast:
IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION (the only one left?)
If you are a Virginia father, mother, son, daughter, grandparent or other relative who has been screwed or victimized by the "family" "courts", you need to express your outrage to Virginia lawmakers and the general public. 

Public shaming of judges and/or legislators who fail to hold treasonous judges accountable through impeachment, or by failing to enact laws to prevent judicial child abuse, is our duty as U.S. Citizens. 

Corrupt judges are the worst child abusers.  They are the real terrorist threat to this nation bent on destruction of families in order to assimilate us under fascist rule.

This event is televised on the Fairfax County community access station.  I will video record speeches and post them on YouTube.   Last year we had several excellent speeches. This year we need all who spoke last year and many more to show up. 

The solution is a matter of numbers.  If we have dozens of angry fathers and mothers there, we can dominate this event and no longer be ignored in Richmond.  So, please get other victims you know to show up.  Until we stop fearing to speak out, judicial child abuse will continue.  Are our children worth fighting for or not? 

Will it be We The People, or we the sheeple?  Will it be We The People, or we the corporations, we the law firms, we the corrupt VA State Bar, we the cps and extortion ("child support") agents, we the feminazi social workers, we the secular priests: lawyers and psychologists who decide what is "the best interest" of our children?

If legislators don't see a large number of angry parents for such events they likely will ignore the issue and the divorce industry will merrily continue to destroy families.  And our nation will continue down the road toward a police state and fascism because We The People did not get up off our backsides and say: