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Jul 18, 2024, 05:23:06 AM

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Need a great lawyer in King County WA

Started by 4greatkids, Nov 14, 2006, 04:24:12 AM

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Can anyone recommend a great lawyer in King County WA?  We have been divorced for 5 years, ex has custody and lives in King County.  I live in Portland OR.  We have a set parenting plan but some of her recent actions lead me to believe we are headed back to court.  I don't want to use my old attorney -- he wasn't aggressive enough.  Anybody have a recommendation?



litigate for us.  BM basically wanted to dump her youngest son on us so she did not fight the custody change.  HOwever, she could have.  Raj drew up the documents in lightening time and everything was done correctly the first time.  From the first point of contact all the way through the system he never dropped the ball.  

Raj Bains


I've used Chris Fox, Kirkland.
I think you do need someone that can be tough.  But I also think that you need a shrewd counselor and (sometimes) an intelligent negotiator.
From my perception family law is an art of understanding human reactions under stress, and diminishing threat to both parties so work can get done.
Give Chris a call.  He's done family law for about 30 years now.
Good luck.